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Jun-2011The application of RFIDs in libraries : an assessment of technological, management and professional issuesGibb, ForbesThornley, Clare V.Ferguson, StuartWeckert, John
19-Dec-2011A bibliometric study of video retrieval evaluation benchmarking (TRECVid) : a methodological analysisThornley, Clare V.McLoughlin, Shane J.Johnson, Andrea C.Smeaton, Alan F.
2007A dialectical approach to information retrievalThornley, Clare V.Gibb, Forbes
2009Dilemmas in information science (IS) and information retrieval (IR): recurring challenges or new solutions?Thornley, Clare V.
Dec-2011Do RFIDs (radio frequency identifier devices) provide new ethical dilemmas for librarians and information professionals?Thornley, Clare V.Gibb, ForbesFerguson, StuartWeckert, John
Oct-2011The experience of Chinese students in Irish third level libraries: an investigation of current challenges and an analysis of possible solutionsMannion, DavidThornley, Clare V.
2014How do libraries manage the ethical and privacy issues of RFID implementation? A qualitative investigation into the decision-making processes of ten librariesFerguson, StuartThornley, Clare V.Gibb, Forbes
2009Meaning in philosophy and meaning in information retrieval (IR)Thornley, Clare V.Gibb, Forbes
Apr-2011The scholarly impact of TRECVid (2003-2009)Thornley, Clare V.Johnson, Andrea C.Smeaton, Alan F.Lee, Hyowon
Oct-2010'With your unconstraining voice still persuade us to rejoice' : poetry promotion in public librariesHegarty, BrianThornley, Clare V.