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May-2010Base-load cycling on a system with significant wind penetrationTroy, Niamh; Denny, Eleanor; O'Malley, Mark
Sep-2008Developments in energy technology and policy researchDenny, Eleanor; Burke, Daniel J.; Fitzmaurice, Ronan; Keane, Andrew; Nyamdash, Batsaikhan; Richardson, Peter; Silke, Emma; Troy, Niamh; Tuohy, Aidan; Twohig, Sonya; Vittal, Eknath; O'Malley, Mark
Oct-2009Evaluating which forms of flexibility most effectively reduce base load cycling at large wind penetrationsTroy, Niamh; Denny, Eleanor; O'Malley, Mark
Jul-2009Managing wind uncertainty and variability in the Irish power systemTuohy, Aidan; Troy, Niamh; Gubina, Andrej F.; O'Malley, Mark
Jul-2010Multi-mode operation of Combined Cycle Gas Turbines with increasing wind penetrationTroy, Niamh; O'Malley, Mark
Aug-2010Multi-mode operation of combined-cycle gas turbines with increasing wind penetrationTroy, Niamh; Flynn, Damian; O'Malley, Mark
Dec-2008The relationship between base-load generation, start-up costs and generation cyclingTroy, Niamh; Denny, Eleanor; O'Malley, Mark
Nov-2012Unit Commitment With Dynamic Cycling CostsTroy, Niamh; Flynn, Damian; Milligan, Michael R.; et al.
Jul-2010Wind as a price-maker and ancillary services provider in competitive electricity marketsTroy, Niamh; Twohig, Sonya