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26-Feb-2010Estrogen increases expression of the human prostacyclin receptor within the vasculature through an ERα-dependent mechanismTurner, Elizebeth C.Kinsella, B. Therese
29-Apr-2011Identification of an interaction between the TPalpha and TPbeta isoforms of the human thromboxane A2 receptor with protein kinase C-related kinase (PRK) 1 : implications for prostate cancer.Turner, Elizebeth C.Kavanagh, David J.Mulvaney, Eamon P.McLean, CaitrionaWikström, KatarinaReid, Helen M.Kinsella, B. Therese
Oct-2012Interaction of the Human Prostacyclin Receptor and the NHERF4 Family member Intestinal and Kidney Enriched PDZ Protein (IKEPP)Reid, Helen M.Turner, Elizebeth C.Mulvaney, Eamon P.Hyland, Paula B.McLean, CaitrionaKinsella, B. Therese
8-Jun-2011Interaction of the human prostacyclin receptor with the PDZ adapter protein PDZK : role in endothelial cell migration and angiogenesisTurner, Elizebeth C.Mulvaney, Eamon P.Reid, Helen M.Kinsella, B. Therese
20-Nov-2009Regulated expression of the α isoform of the human thromboxane A2 receptor during megakaryocyte differentiation : a coordinated role for WT1, Egr1 & Sp1Gannon, AnneMarieTurner, Elizebeth C.Reid, Helen M.Kinsella, B. Therese
11-Sep-2012Regulation of the Human Prostacyclin Receptor Gene by the Cholesterol-responsive Sterol Response Element Binding Protein (SREBP) 1.Turner, Elizebeth C.Kinsella, B. Therese
May-2012Regulation of the human prostacyclin receptor gene in megakaryocytes : major roles for C/EBPδ and PU.1Keating, Garret L.Turner, Elizebeth C.Kinsella, B. Therese
21-Feb-2013Role of CX3CR1 Receptor in Monocyte/Macrophage Driven NeovascularizationKumar, Arun H.S.Martin, KennethTurner, Elizebeth C.
27-Feb-2009Transcriptional regulation of the human prostacyclin receptor gene is dependent on Sp1, PU.1 and Oct-1 in megakaryocytes and endothelial cellsTurner, Elizebeth C.Kinsella, B. Therese