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25-Jul-2011Application of a novel microwave plasma treatment for the sintering of nickel oxide coatings for use in dye-sensitized solar cellsAwais, MuhammadRahman, MahfujurMacElroy, J. M. DonDini, DaniloVos, Johannes G.Dowling, Denis P.
May-2010Deposition and characterization of NiOx coatings by magnetron sputtering for application in dye-sensitized solar cellsAwais, MuhammadRahman, MahfujurMacElroy, J. M. DonCoburn, NadiaDini, DaniloVos, Johannes G.Dowling, Denis P.
6-Dec-2012Dye sensitised solar cells with nickel oxide photocathodes prepared via scalable microwave sinteringGibson, Elizabeth A.Awais, MuhammadDini, DaniloDowling, Denis P.Pryce, Mary T.Vos, Johannes G.Boschloo, GerritHagfeldt, Anders
15-Jan-2013Electrochemical characterization of NiO electrodes deposited via a scalable powder microblasting techniqueAwais, MuhammadDini, DaniloMacElroy, J. M. DonHalpin, YvonneVos, Johannes G.Dowling, Denis P.
Feb-2010Excited state localization and internuclear interactions in asymmetric Ruthenium (II) and Osmium (II) bpy/tpy based dinuclear compoundsHalpin, YvonneDini, DaniloAhmed, Hamid M. YounisCassidy, LyndaBrowne, Wesley R.Vos, Johannes G.
2010Photoinduced ligand isomerisation in a pyrazine containing ruthenium polypyridyl complexHorn, SabineAhmed, Hamid M. YounisHughes, Helen P.Soman, SurajBrowne, Wesley R.Vos, Johannes G.
Nov-2010Photoinduced rearrangements in transition metal compoundsVos, Johannes G.Pryce, Mary T.
2009Spectroelectrochemical properties of homo- and heteroleptic ruthenium and osmium binuclear complexes : intercomponent communication as a function of energy differences between HOMO levels of bridge and metal centresHalpin, YvonneCleary, LauraCassidy, LyndaHorn, SabineDini, DaniloBrowne, Wesley R.Vos, Johannes G.
Feb-2013Spray deposited NiOx films on ITO substrates as photoactive electrodes for p-type dye-sensitized solar cellsAwais, MuhammadDowling, Denis P.Rahman, MahfujurVos, Johannes G.Decker, FrancoDini, Danilo