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Mar-2014Analysis of bed agglomeration during gasification of wheat straw in a bubbling fluidised bed gasifier using mullite as bed materialMac an Bhaird, Seán T.Walsh, EilínHemmingway, PhilMcDonnell, Kevinet al.
May-2015Bubbling fluidised bed gasification of wheat straw-gasifier performance using mullite as bed materialMac an Bhaird, Seán T.Hemmingway, PhilWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, Kevinet al.
21-Aug-2014Combining Wind and Pumped Hydro Energy Storage for Renewable Energy Generation in IrelandCoburn, AliceWalsh, EilínSolan, Patrick J.McDonnell, Kevin
Sep-2012The Direct Use of Post-Processing Wood Dust in Gas TurbinesDoherty, AlîneWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, Kevin
1-Oct-2013Energy and economic implications of anaerobic digestion pasteurisation regulations in IrelandCoultry, JamesWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, Kevin
2012The influence of measurement methodology on soil infiltration rateWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, Kevin
Jan-2015The potential of Miscanthus to harbour known cereal pathogensGlynn, E.Brennan, J. M.Walsh, EilínFeechan, AngelaMcDonnell, Kevin
Feb-2013Practical Experience with Woody Biomass in a Down-Draft GasifierWolff, DeidreWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, Kevin
Jan-2013Regional integration of renewable energy systems in Ireland - The role of hybrid energy systems for small communitiesGoodbody, CraigWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, KevinOwende, Philip