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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2011The ambiguous effect of minimum wages on hoursStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Aug-2007The ambiguous effect of minimum wages on workers and total hoursStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Mar-1999Changes in the gender wage gap and the returns to firm specific human capitalWalsh, FrankStrobl, Eric
10-Jul-2003Comment on 'minimum wages for Ronald McDonald monopsonies: a theory of monopsonistic competition'Walsh, Frank
2008Creating jobs through public subsidies : an empirical analysisGirmaa, SourafelGörg, HolgerStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Jan-2007Dealing with monopsony power: Employment subsidies vs. minimum wagesStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Nov-2005Efficiency wages and bargainingWalsh, Frank
Dec-2006An equilibrium search model of the informal sectorBadaoui, ElianeStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Jun-2007Estimating the shirking model with variable effortStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Jan-2010The formal sector wage premium and firm sizeBadaoui, ElianeStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Oct-2013The Formal Sector Wage Premium and Firm Size for Self-employed WorkersBargain, OlivierBadaoui, ElianeKwenda, PrudenceStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Mar-2012The formal sector wage premium and firm size for self-employed workersBargain, OlivierBadaoui, ElianeKwenda, PrudenceStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
1998Income tax cuts and inflation in IrelandWalsh, Frank
Apr-2008Is there an informal employment wage penalty? Evidence from South AfricaWalsh, FrankBadaoui, ElianeStrobl, Eric
9-Feb-2016Labour Market Measures in Ireland 2008-13: The Crisis and BeyondWalsh, Frank
2013Labour market regulation and migration in IrelandWalsh, Frank
1999Labour market rents and Irish industrial policyWalsh, Frank
Oct-2010The minimum wage and hours per workerStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Jan-2003Minimum Wages and compliance : the case of Trinidad and TobagoStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Sep-2001Minimum wages for Ronald McDonald monopsonies : a theory of monopsonistic competition by V Bhaskar and Ted To - a commentWalsh, Frank