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2014Charring temperatures are driven by the fuel types burned in a peatland wildfireHudspith, Victoria A.Belcher, Claire M.Yearsley, Jonathan M.
9-Jul-2018The contribution of rare species to a community's resilienceYearsley, Jonathan M.Säterberg, TorbjörnEbenman, Boet al.
2016Does size matter? Atmospheric CO2 may be a stronger driver of stomatal closing rate than stomatal size in taxa that diversified under low CO2Elliott-Kingston, CarolineHaworth, MatthewYearsley, Jonathan M.McElwain, Jennifer al.
1-Dec-2016Effects of spatial heterogeneity in moisture content on the horizontal spread of peat firesPrat-Guitart, NuriaRein, GuillermoHadden, Rory M.Belcher, Claire M.Yearsley, Jonathan M.
23-Jun-2014Invading and Expanding: Range Dynamics and Ecological Consequences of the Greater White-Toothed Shrew (Crocidura russula) Invasion in IrelandMcDevitt, Allan D.Montgomery, W. IanTosh, David G.Yearsley, Jonathan al.
8-Aug-2011Larval Transport Modelling of Deep-sea Invertebrates Can Aid the Search for Undiscovered PopulationsYearsley, Jonathan M.Sigwart, Julia D.
31-Jul-2019A potential role for rare species in ecosystem dynamicsSäterberg, TorbjörnJonsson, TomasYearsley, Jonathan al.
3-Mar-2016Propagation probability and spread rate of self-sustained smouldering fires under controlled moisture content and bulk density conditionsPrat-Guitart, NuriaRein, GuillermoHadden, Rory M.Belcher, Claire M.Yearsley, Jonathan M.