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2013Characterisation of micro injection moulding process for replication of micro/nano features and micro componentsZhang, Nan
2013Characterization of Micro Injection Molding Process for the Replication of Micro/Nano Features Using Bulk Metallic Glass InsertZhang, NanBrowne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
2-Aug-2013Characterization of microinjection molding process for milligram polymer micropartsZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.
Sep-2012Characterization of thermo-rheological behavior of polymer melts during the micro injection moulding processZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.
2011Effect of design on the replication of micro/nano scale features by micro injection mouldingZhang, NanBrowne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
15-Oct-2015Effect of gate design and cavity thickness on filling, morphology and mechanical properties of microinjection moldingsZhang, NanSu, QuanliangChoi, Seong YingGilchrist, M. D.
2015The effects of miniaturization and processing on microinjection moldingsZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.
Nov-2014Flow Induced Crystallization of Poly(ether-block-amide) from the Microinjection Molding Process and its Effect on Mechanical PropertiesZhang, NanChoi, Seong YingGilchrist, M. D.
2012Large-area sub-micron structured surfaces using micro injection moulding templates of nanoporous anodized Aluminum OxideZhang, NanHarrison, S.Meagher, Philipet al.
10-Aug-2015Manufacturing microstructured tool inserts for the production of polymeric microfluidic devicesZhang, NanSrivastava, Amit P.Kirwan, BrendanByrne, RichardFang, FengzhouBrowne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
2011Micro injection molding: characterisation of cavity filling processZhang, NanChu, J. S.Gilchrist, M. D.
Apr-2015Miniaturization/process dependent mechanical properties of microinjection moldingsZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.
May-2016Performance of nickel and bulk metallic glass as tool inserts for the microinjection molding of polymeric microfluidic devicesZhang, NanSrivastava, Amit P.Browne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
3-May-2017Piezoelectric Tensor of Collagen Fibrils Determined at the NanoscaleDenning, DeniseKilpatrick, J. I.Fukada, EiichiZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.Rodriguez, Brian al.
17-May-2012Replication of micro/nano-scale features by micro injection molding with a bulk metallic glass mold insertZhang, NanChu, J. S.Byrne, Cormac al.
May-2012Towards nano-injection moldingZhang, NanByrne, Cormac J.Browne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
14-Nov-2016The use of variotherm systems for microinjection moldingSu, QuanliangZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.
24-Mar-2016Vacuum venting enhances the replication of nano/micro-features in microinjection molding processChoi, Seong YingZhang, NanToner, J. P.Gilchrist, M. D.