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28-Sep-2016Agricultural anaerobic digestion power plants in Ireland and Germany: policy & practiceAuer, AgatheVande Burgt, Nathan H.Abram, FlorenceBarry, GeraldMarkey, B.K. (Bryan K.)De Waal, TheoGordon, Stephen V.Whyte, PaulZintl, Annettaet al.
25-Jul-2013Bulk milk ELISA and the diagnosis of parasite infections in dairy herds: A reviewSekiya, MaryZintl, AnnettaDoherty, Michael L.
1-Apr-2014Changing epidemiology of the tick-borne bovine parasite, Babesia divergensZintl, AnnettaMcGrath, GuyO'Grady, LukeGray, J. (Jeremy S.)et al.
5-Sep-2014Changing incidence of bovine babesiosis in IrelandZintl, AnnettaMcGrath, GuyO'Grady, LukeGray, J. (Jeremy S.)et al.
May-2015Comparison of diagnostic techniques for the detection of Cryptosporidium oocysts in animal samplesMirhashemi, Marzieh EzzatyZintl, AnnettaGrant, TimLucy, Frances E.Mulcahy, GraceDe Waal, Theo
Apr-2018Comparison of in vitro viability methods for Cryptosporidium oocystsVande Burgt, Nathan H.Auer, AgatheZintl, Annetta
15-Apr-2016Comparison of three methods for the detection of Angiostrongylus vasorum in the final hostHoupin, E.McCarthy, GrainneFerrand, M.De Waal, TheoO'Neill, Emma J.Zintl, Annetta
Apr-2017The immunoregulatory effects of co-infection with Fasciola hepatica: From bovine tuberculosis to Johne's diseaseNaranjo Lucena, AmaliaGarza-Cuartero, LauraMulcahy, GraceZintl, Annetta
3-Mar-2015Squirrelpox virus reservoir expansion on the east coast of IrelandStritch, CarinNaulty, FavelZintl, AnnettaCallanan, John J.Mccullough, MaureenMcMahon, Barry al.