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28-Sep-2016Agricultural anaerobic digestion power plants in Ireland and Germany: policy & practiceAuer, AgatheVande Burgt, Nathan H.Abram, FlorenceBarry, GeraldMarkey, B.K. (Bryan K.)De Waal, TheoGordon, Stephen V.Whyte, PaulZintl, Annettaet al.
25-Jul-2013Bulk milk ELISA and the diagnosis of parasite infections in dairy herds: A reviewSekiya, MaryZintl, AnnettaDoherty, Michael L.
1-Apr-2014Changing epidemiology of the tick-borne bovine parasite, Babesia divergensZintl, AnnettaMcGrath, GuyO'Grady, LukeGray, J. (Jeremy S.)et al.
5-Sep-2014Changing incidence of bovine babesiosis in IrelandZintl, AnnettaMcGrath, GuyO'Grady, LukeGray, J. (Jeremy S.)et al.
May-2015Comparison of diagnostic techniques for the detection of Cryptosporidium oocysts in animal samplesMirhashemi, Marzieh EzzatyZintl, AnnettaGrant, TimLucy, Frances E.Mulcahy, GraceDe Waal, Theo
Apr-2018Comparison of in vitro viability methods for Cryptosporidium oocystsVande Burgt, Nathan H.Auer, AgatheZintl, Annetta
15-Apr-2016Comparison of three methods for the detection of Angiostrongylus vasorum in the final hostHoupin, E.McCarthy, GrainneFerrand, M.De Waal, TheoO'Neill, Emma J.Zintl, Annetta
Apr-2017The immunoregulatory effects of co-infection with Fasciola hepatica: From bovine tuberculosis to Johne's diseaseNaranjo Lucena, AmaliaGarza-Cuartero, LauraMulcahy, GraceZintl, Annetta
3-Mar-2015Squirrelpox virus reservoir expansion on the east coast of IrelandStritch, CarinNaulty, FavelZintl, AnnettaCallanan, John J.Mccullough, MaureenMcMahon, Barry al.
12-Aug-2020A Survey of Ticks Infesting Dogs and Cats in IrelandDe Waal, TheoLawlor, AmandaZintl, AnnettaCowley, D. J. BoscoBagha, Atiyah
Nov-2020Update on the presence of Ixodes ricinus at the western limit of its range and the prevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu latoZintl, AnnettaZaid, Taher M.T.McKiernan, FionaNaranjo Lucena, AmaliaGray, J. (Jeremy S.)Brosnan, SorchaBrowne, Johnet al.
May-2021What do we still need to know about Ixodes ricinus?Gray, J. (Jeremy S.)Kahl, OlafZintl, Annetta