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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2019Adapting the Quality of Experience Framework for Audio Archive EvaluationRagano, AlessandroBenetos, EmmanouilHines, Andrew
13-Sep-2018AMBIQUAL - a full reference objective quality metric for ambisonic spatial audioNarbutt, MiroslawAllen, AndrewSkoglund, JanChinen, MichaelHines, Andrew
3-May-2020AMBIQUAL: Towards a Quality Metric for Headphone Rendered Compressed Ambisonic Spatial AudioNarbutt, MiroslawSkoglund, JanAllen, AndrewChinen, MichaelBarry, DanHines, Andrew
30-Jan-2020Analyzing the performance of autoencoder-based objective quality metrics on audio-visual contentMartinez, HelardFarias, Mylène C.Q.Hines, Andrew
8-Dec-2020Assessing the Appetite for Trustworthiness and the Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in EuropeNíFhaoláin, LabhaoiseHines, AndrewNallur, Vivek
10-Mar-2020Assessment of QoE for Video and Audio in WebRTC Applications Using Full-Reference ModelsGarcía, BoniGortázar, FranciscoGallego, MicaelHines, Andrew
28-May-2020Audio Impairment Recognition using a Correlation-Based Feature RepresentationRagano, AlessandroBenetos, EmmanouilHines, Andrew
9-Mar-2020Beyond First Impressions: Estimating Quality of Experience for Interactive Web ApplicationsJahromi, Hamed Z.Delaney, Declan T.Hines, Andrew
18-Jun-2019Establishing Waiting Time Thresholds in Interactive Web Mapping Applications for Network QoE ManagementJahromi, Hamed Z.Delaney, Declan T.Rooney, BrendanHines, Andrew
21-Jun-2019Fusion confusion: Exploring ambisonic spatial localisation for audio-visual immersion using the McGurk effectSiddig, AbubakrRagano, AlessandroJahromi, Hamed Z.Hines, Andrew
3-Jul-2020How Crisp is the Crease? A Subjective Study on Web Browsing Perception of Above-The-FoldJahromi, Hamed Z.Delaney, Declan T.Hines, Andrew
28-May-2020How Deep is Your Encoder: An Analysis of Features Descriptors for an Autoencoder-Based Audio-Visual Quality MetricMartinez, HelardHines, AndrewFarias, Mylène C.Q.
22-Jun-2018Micro-Benchmarking Property Preserving Encryption: Balancing Performance, Security and FunctionalityDaniel, BeckerHines, Andrew
7-Sep-2018Perceived quality of audio-visual stimuli containing streaming audio degradationsMartinez, HelardFarias, Mylène C.Q.Hines, Andrew
7-Dec-2018The Sound of Silence: How Traditional and Deep Learning Based Voice Activity Detection Influences Speech Quality MonitoringJaiswal, RahulHines, Andrew
28-May-2020Speech Quality Factors for Traditional and Neural-Based Low Bit Rate VocodersJassim, Wissam A.Skoglund, JanChinen, MichaelHines, Andrew
5-Nov-2017Streaming VR for Immersion: Quality aspects of Compressed Spatial AudioNarbutt, MiroslawO’Leary, SeanAllen, AndrewSkoglund, JanHines, Andrew
16-Aug-2018Towards Application-Aware Networking: ML-Based End-to-End Application KPI/QoE Metrics Characterization in SDNJahromi, Hamed Z.Hines, AndrewDelaney, Declan T.
19-Mar-2020UnB-AV: An Audio-Visual Database for Multimedia Quality ResearchMartinez, HelardHines, AndrewFarias, Mylène C.Q.
28-May-2020ViSQOL v3: An Open Source Production Ready Objective Speech and Audio MetricChinen, MichaelLim, Felicia S. C.Skoglund, JanGureev, NikitaO'Gorman, FeargusHines, Andrew