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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2016Analytic Loss Minimization: A ProofCuffe, PaulDassios, Ioannis K.Keane, Andrew
26-Jan-2019Analytic loss minimization: Theoretical framework of a second order optimization methodDassios, Ioannis K.
20-Jan-2019Calculating Nodal Voltages Using the Admittance Matrix Spectrum of an Electrical NetworkDassios, Ioannis K.Keane, AndrewCuffe, Paul
15-Nov-2018Caputo and related fractional derivatives in singular systemsDassios, Ioannis K.Baleanu, Dumitru
30-Nov-2017Geometric relation between two different types of initial conditions of singular systems of fractional nabla difference equationsDassios, Ioannis K.
8-Jun-2016A macroeconomic mathematical model for the national income of a union of countries with interaction and tradeDassios, Ioannis K.Devine, Mel T.
27-Apr-2018A mathematical model for elasticity using calculus on discrete manifoldsDassios, Ioannis K.O'Keeffe, GaryJivkov, Andrey P.
1-Mar-2017A mathematical model for plasticity and damage: A discrete calculus formulationDassios, Ioannis K.Jivkov, Andrey P.Abu-Muharib, AndrewJames, Peter
13-Mar-2019A novel approach to model a gas networkEkhtiari, AliDassios, Ioannis K.Liu, MuyangSyron, Eoin
24-Sep-2018On the Stability Analysis of Systems of Neutral Delay Differential EquationsLiu, MuyangDassios, Ioannis K.Milano, Federico
6-Dec-2018Optimal solutions for singular linear systems of Caputo fractional differential equationsDassios, Ioannis K.Baleanu, Dumitru
Sep-2018A practical formula of solutions for a family of linear non-autonomous fractional nabla difference equationsDassios, Ioannis K.
7-Mar-2017Primal and Dual Generalized Eigenvalue Problems for Power Systems Small-Signal Stability AnalysisMilano, FedericoDassios, Ioannis K.
11-Jul-2016Small-Signal Stability Analysis for Non-Index 1 Hessenberg Form Systems of Delay Differential-Algebraic EquationsMilano, FedericoDassios, Ioannis K.
1-Nov-2017Small-signal stability analysis of neutral delay differential equationsLiu, MuyangDassios, Ioannis K.Milano, Federico
28-Feb-2019Spreading of memes on multiplex networksO'Brien, Joseph D.Dassios, Ioannis K.Gleeson, James P.
Jan-2019Stability Analysis of Power Systems with Inclusion of Realistic-Modeling of WAMS DelaysLiu, MuyangDassios, Ioannis K.Tzounas, GeorgiosMilano, Federico
Jan-2017Stability and Robustness of Singular Systems of Fractional Nabla Difference EquationsDassios, Ioannis K.
19-Apr-2018Stability of bounded dynamical networks with symmetryDassios, Ioannis K.
30-Nov-2017A stability result for a network of two triple junctions on the planeBoutarfa, BarizaDassios, Ioannis K.