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14-Jun-2019An Application of 3D Model Reconstruction and Augmented Reality for Real-Time Monitoring of Additive ManufacturingMalik, AmmarLhachemi, HugoPloennigs, JoernBa, AmadouShorten, Robert
Jun-2020Boundary feedback stabilization of a reaction–diffusion equation with Robin boundary conditions and state-delayLhachemi, HugoShorten, Robert
Apr-2020Exponential input-to-state stabilization of a class of diagonal boundary control systems with delay boundary controlLhachemi, HugoShorten, RobertPrieur, Christophe
25-May-2020I-nteract: A Cyber-Physical System for Real-Time Interaction With Physical and Virtual Objects Using Mixed Reality Technologies for Additive ManufacturingMalik, AmmarLhachemi, HugoShorten, Robert
Mar-2020Input-to-State Stability of a Clamped-Free Damped String in the Presence of Distributed and Boundary DisturbancesLhachemi, HugoSaussié, DavidZhu, GuchuanShorten, Robert
Nov-2019ISS Property with respect to boundary disturbances for a class of Riesz-spectral boundary control systemsLhachemi, HugoShorten, Robert
Nov-2019An LMI condition for the robustness of constant-delay linear predictor feedback with respect to uncertain time-varying input delaysLhachemi, HugoPrieur, ChristopheShorten, Robert
Jan-2021Robustness of constant-delay predictor feedback for in-domain stabilization of reaction–diffusion PDEs with time- and spatially-varying input delaysLhachemi, HugoPrieur, ChristopheShorten, Robert
30-Mar-2018Stochastic Frequency Control of Grid-connected MicrogridsFerraro, PietroCrisostomi, EmanueleShorten, RobertMilano, Federico