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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2020Accelerated Projected Gradient Method for the Optimization of Cell-Free Massive MIMO DownlinkFarooq, MuhammadNgo, Hien QuocTran, Le-Nam
12-Jun-2020A Comparison of the Uplink Performance of Cell-Free Massive MIMO using Three Linear Combining Schemes: Full-Pilot Zero Forcing with Access Point Selection, Matched-Filter and Local-Minimum-Mean-Square ErrorO'Hurley, StephenTran, Le-Nam
16-Dec-2015Decentralized coordinated beamforming for weighted sum energy efficiency maximization in multi-cell MISO downlinkTervo, OskariTran, Le-NamJuntti, Markku
30-Aug-2019Efficient Algorithms for Sum Rate Maximization in Fronthaul-Constrained C-RANsNguyen, Kien-GiangVu, Quang-DoanhTran, Le-NamJuntti, Markku
22-Nov-2017Efficient Zero-Forcing Precoder Design for Weighted Sum-Rate Maximization With Per-Antenna Power ConstraintPham, Thuy M.Farrell, RonanDooley, JohnTran, Le-Namet al.
27-Sep-2018Energy Efficiency Fairness for Multi-Pair Wireless-Powered Relaying SystemsNguyen, Kien-GiangVu, Quang-DoanhTran, Le-NamJuntti, Markku
25-Jun-2018Energy Efficiency Maximization for C-RANs: Discrete Monotonic Optimization, Penalty, and ℓ0-Approximation MethodsNguyen, Kien-GiangVu, Quang-DoanhJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
1-Feb-2019Energy Efficiency Optimization for Dense NetworksVu, Quang-DoanhJuntti, MarkkuHong, Een-KeeTran, Le-Nam
15-Nov-2017Energy-Efficient Beam Coordination Strategies With Rate-Dependent Processing PowerTervo, OskariTolli, AnttiJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
8-May-2020Energy-Efficient Bit Allocation for Resolution-Adaptive ADC in Multiuser Large-Scale MIMO Systems: Global OptimalityNguyen, Kien-GiangVu, Quang-DoanhTran, Le-NamJuntti, Markku
6-Jul-2016Energy-efficient coordinated beamforming with rate dependent processing powerTervo, OskariTolli, AnttiJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
Oct-2019Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for OFDMA Heterogeneous NetworksTran, Le-NamTran, Le-NamVu, Quang-DoanhJayalath, Dhammika
3-Sep-2020Fall Detection using Wi-Fi Signals and Threshold-Based Activity SegmentationKeenan, Robert M.Tran, Le-Nam
Jul-2020Fast Adaptive Minorization-Maximization Procedure for Beamforming Design of Downlink NOMA SystemsLyons, OisinHanif, Muhammad FainanJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
6-Nov-2019First-Order Methods for Energy-Efficient Power Control in Cell-Free Massive MIMOTran, Le-NamNgo, Hien Quoc
13-Sep-2018Globally Optimal Energy Efficiency Maximization for Capacity-Limited Fronthaul Crans with Dynamic Power Amplifiers’ EfficiencyNguyen, Kien-GiangVu, Quang-DoanhTran, Le-NamJuntti, Markku
2-Feb-2018Joint Virtual Computing and Radio Resource Allocation in Limited Fronthaul Green C-RANsLuong, PhuongGagnon, FrançoisDespins, CharlesTran, Le-Nam
11-Jun-2020A Low-Complexity Algorithm for Achieving Secrecy Capacity in MIMO Wiretap ChannelsNguyen, Thang VanVu, Quang-DoanhJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
20-May-2016Multi-group multicast beamformer design for MIMO-OFDM transmissionVenkatraman, GaneshTolli, AnttiJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
21-Aug-2017Multigroup Multicast Beamformer Design for MISO-OFDM With Antenna SelectionVenkatraman, GaneshTolli, AnttiJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam