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26-Jul-2013The Fusarium Mycotoxin Deoxynivalenol Can Inhibit Plant Apoptosis-Like Programmed Cell DeathDiamond, MarkReape, Theresa J.Rocha, OlgaDoyle, Siamsa M.Kacprzyk, JoannaDoohan, Fiona M.McCabe, Paul F.
7-Apr-2014Genome sequence of Ensifer adhaerens OV14 provides insights into its ability as a novel vector for the genetic transformation of plant genomesRudder, StevenDoohan, Fiona M.Creevey, Christopher J.Wendt, Toniet al.
30-Jan-2013Insights from the Fungus Fusarium oxysporum Point to High Affinity Glucose Transporters as Targets for Enhancing Ethanol Production from LignocelluloseAli, Shahin S.Nugent, BrianMullins, EwenDoohan, Fiona M.
24-Apr-2019International Symposium on Cereal Leaf Blights (ISCLB) 2019: Book of AbstractsFeechan, AngelaBenbow, HarrietTiley, AnnaGibriel, HeshamCasey, EdwardDoohan, Fiona M.
20-Feb-2014Light influences how the fungal toxin deoxynivalenol affects plant cell death and defense responsesAnsari, Khairul I.Doyle, Siamsa M.Kacprzyk, JoannaArunachalam, Chanemouga SoundharamMcCabe, Paul F.Doohan, Fiona al.
2013Mechanisms of beneficial colonisation of barley by fungal root endophytesMurphy, BrianHodkinson, TrevorDoohan, Fiona M.
2-Feb-2021A small secreted protein from Zymoseptoria tritici interacts with a wheat E3 ubiquitin to promote diseaseKarki, Sujit JungReilly, AislingZhou, BinbinMascarello, MaurizioBurke, JamesDoohan, Fiona M.Douchkov, DimitarSchweizer, PatrickFeechan, Angela
2019Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) for functional characterization of disease resistance genes in barley seedlingsGunupuru, Lokanadha R.Perochon, AlexandreAli, Shahin S.Scofield, Steven R.Doohan, Fiona M.
12-Oct-2018A wheat cytochrome P450 enhances both resistance to deoxynivalenol and grain yieldGunupuru, Lokanadha R.Arunachalam, ChanemougasoundharamMalla, Keshav B.Kahla, AmalPerochon, AlexandreJia, JianguangThapa, GaneshDoohan, Fiona M.
1-Mar-2019A wheat NAC interacts with an orphan protein and enhances resistance to Fusarium head blight diseasePerochon, AlexandreKahla, AmalVranić, MonikaJia, JianguangMalla, Keshav B.Doohan, Fiona al.
Nov-2019The wheat SnRK1α family and its contribution to Fusarium toxin tolerancePerochon, AlexandreVáry, ZsoltMalla, Keshav B.Doohan, Fiona al.