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30-Aug-2019Children’s understanding of ethnic group symbols: Piloting an instrument in the Republic of North MacedoniaTomovska Misoska, AnaTaylor, Laura K.Dautel, JocelynRylander, Risa
30-Aug-2020Conducting Field Research Amid Violence: Experiences from ColombiaTaylor, Laura K.Nilsson, ManuelaForero, PaolaRetreop, Maria Angelica
20-Oct-2019Empathy to action: Child and adolescent outgroup attitudes and prosocial behaviors in a setting of intergroup conflictTaylor, Laura K.O’Driscoll, DeanDautel, JocelynMcKeown, Shelley
10-May-2020Essentialist beliefs affect children’s outgroup empathy, attitudes and prosocial behaviours in a setting of intergroup conflictO’Driscoll, DeanTaylor, Laura K.Dautel, Jocelyn
17-Aug-2019From empathy to action: Can enhancing host-society children’s empathy promote positive attitudes and prosocial behavior toward refugees?Taylor, Laura K.Glen, Catherine
28-Jun-2020The Interplay of Community and Family Risk and Protective Factors on Adjustment in Young Adult ImmigrantsDavis, Alexandra N.Carlo, GustavoTaylor, Laura K.
6-Jul-2020Outgroup prosocial giving during childhood: The role of ingroup preference and outgroup attitudes in a divided societyShamoa-Nir, LipazRazpurker-Apfeld, IreneDautel, JocelynTaylor, Laura K.
20-Oct-2019Promoting Prosocial Behavior Toward Refugees: Exploring the Empathy-Attitude-Action Model in Middle ChildhoodGlen, CatherineTaylor, Laura K.Dautel, Jocelyn
Jul-2020Symbols and labels: Children’s awareness of social categories in a divided societyTaylor, Laura K.Dautel, JocelynRylander, Risa
20-Oct-2019Youth Identity, Peace and Conflict: Insights from Conflict and Diverse SettingsMcKeown, ShelleyCavdar, DuyguTaylor, Laura K.