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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Oct-2019AGE: authentication in gadget-free healthcare environmentsKumar, TaneshBraeken, AnJurcut, Anca DeliaLiyanage, MadhusankaYlianttila, Mika
May-2019Anonymous Lightweight Proxy Based Key Agreement for IoT (ALPKA)Braeken, AnLiyanage, MadhusankaJurcut, Anca Delia
17-May-2019Blockchain based Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme for Secure IoT Data SharingManzoor, AhsanLiyanage, MadhusankaBraeken, Anet al.
11-Jun-2020Blockchain-based Automated Certificate Revocation for 5G IoTHewa, TharakaBraecken, AnYlianttila, MikaLiyanage, Madhusanka
12-Jan-2021Blockchain-based Roaming and Offload Service Platform for Local 5G OperatorsWeerasinghe, NisitaHewa, TharakaDissanayake, MaheshiYlianttila, MikaLiyanage, Madhusanka
11-Jun-2020Blockchain-Based Wi-Fi Offloading Platform for 5GFernando, PramithaGunawardhana, LasithaRajapakshe, WishvaLiyanage, Madhusanka
6-Mar-2019A Delay-Tolerant Payment Scheme Based on the Ethereum BlockchainHu, YiningManzoor, AhsanEkparinya, ParinyaLiyanage, Madhusankaet al.
11-Jun-2020Dynamic Orchestration of Security Services at Fog Nodes for 5G IoTImrith, Vashish N.Ranaweera, PasikaJugurnauth, Rameshwar A.Liyanage, Madhusanka
11-Jun-2020An Emergency Situation Detection System for Ambient Assisted LivingSandeepa, ChamaraMoremada, CharukaDissanayaka, NadeekaGamage, TharinduLiyanage, Madhusanka
18-Apr-2019Enabling End-to-End Secure Connectivity for Low-Power IoT Devices with UAVsRajakaruna, ArchanaManzoor, AhsanPorambage, PawaniLiyanage, Madhusanka
26-Nov-2020ESSMAR: Edge Supportive Secure Mobile Augmented Reality Architecture for HealthcareBraeken, AnPorambage, PawaniPuvaneswaran, AmirthanLiyanage, Madhusanka
1-Sep-2020The Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic with 5G TechnologiesSiriwardhana, YushanDe Alwis, ChamithaGur, GurkanYlianttila, MikaLiyanage, Madhusanka
18-Apr-2019Micro-Operator driven Local 5G Network Architecture for Industrial InternetSiriwardhana, YushanPorambage, PawaniLiyanage, Madhusankaet al.
11-Dec-2020Multi-Access Edge Computing and Blockchain-based Secure Telehealth System Connected with 5G and IoTHewa, TharakaBraeken, AnYlianttila, MikaLiyanage, Madhusanka
6-May-2019Novel 5G Authentication Protocol to Improve the Resistance Against Active Attacks and Malicious Serving NetworksBraeken, AnLiyanage, MadhusankaKumar, PardeepMurphy, John
19-Mar-2021A Novel Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Platform for Local 5G OperatorsWeerasinghe, NisitaHewa, TharakaLiyanage, MadhusankaKanhere, Salil S.Ylianttila, Mika
1-Mar-2021Novel MEC based Approaches for Smart Hospitals to Combat COVID-19 PandemicRanaweera, PasikaLiyanage, MadhusankaJurcut, Anca Delia
Dec-2020Performance Analysis of Local 5G Operator Architectures for Industrial InternetSiriwardhana, YushanPorambage, PawaniYlianttila, MikaLiyanage, Madhusanka
May-2021Privacy Protected Blockchain Based Architecture and Implementation for Sharing of Students’ CredentialsMishra, Raaj AnandKalla, AnshumanBraeken, AnLiyanage, Madhusanka
15-Feb-2021Proxy re-encryption enabled secure and anonymous IoT data sharing platform based on blockchainManzoor, AhsanBraeken, AnKanhere, Salil S.Ylianttila, MikaLiyanage, Madhusanka