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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jul-2019Algal Polysaccharides. Innovative Extraction Technologies, Health Benefits and Industrial ApplicationsClemente-Carazo, M.Sanchez, V.Condon-Abanto, S.García-Vaquero, Marco
2016Assessment of the functional properties of protein extracted from the brown seaweed Himanthalia elongata (Linnaeus) S. F. GrayGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoLópez-Alonso, MartaHayes, Maria
Jun-2020Bioactive peptides and carbohydrates from seaweed for food applications: Natural occurrence, isolation, purification, and identificationLafarga, TomasAcién-Fernández, Francisco GabrielGarcía-Vaquero, Marco
27-Apr-2022Cardioprotective Peptides from Milk Processing and Dairy Products: From Bioactivity to Final Products Including Commercialization and LegislationMirzapour-Kouhdasht, ArminGarcía-Vaquero, Marco
Apr-2021Consumer knowledge and attitudes towards microalgae as food: The case of SpainLafarga, TomasRodriguez-Bermudez, RuthMorillas-España, AinoaGarcía-Vaquero, Marcoet al.
13-Sep-2021Developing seaweed/macroalgae as feed for pigsLópez-Alonso, MartaGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoMiranda, Marta
15-Mar-2021The development of analytical methods for the purity determination of fucoidan extracted from brown seaweed speciesZhao, MingGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoPrzyborska, JoannaSivagnanam, Saravana PeriaswamyTiwari, Brijesh K.
Aug-2012Effect of moderate Cu supplementation on serum metabolites, enzymes and redox state in feedlot calvesCastillo, CristinaHernández, JoaquinGarcía-Vaquero, Marco
27-Oct-2018Effect of seasons on the proximate composition of Laminaria hyperborea from Irish Atlantic coastGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRajauria, GauravDuffy, Sarah K.O'Doherty, John V.Sweeney, Torres
Jun-2011Effect of type of muscle and Cu supplementation on trace element concentrations in cattle meatGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoMiranda, MartaBenedito, José LuisBlanco-Penedo, IsabelLópez-Alonso, Marta
28-Jun-2018Effects of extraction method on the prebiotic potential of Ascophylum nodosum extractsVenardou, BrigkitaMcDonnell, MaryGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRajauria, GauravO'Doherty, John V.Sweeney, Torres
5-Aug-2019Enhancing the extraction of polysaccharides and antioxidants from macroalgae using sequential hydrothermal-assisted extraction followed by ultrasound and thermal technologiesGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoO'Doherty, John V.Tiwari, Brijesh K.Sweeney, TorresRajauria, Gaurav
Nov-2016Essential and toxic trace element concentrations in different commercial veal cuts in SpainLópez-Alonso, MartaMiranda, MartaBenedito, José LuisPereira, VictorGarcía-Vaquero, Marco
May-2011Evaluation of the need of copper supplementation in intensively reared beef cattleGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoMiranda, MartaLópez-Alonso, MartaCastillo, CristinaBenedito, José Luis
27-May-2021Evaluation of Ultrasound, Microwave, Ultrasound–Microwave, Hydrothermal and High Pressure Assisted Extraction Technologies for the Recovery of Phytochemicals and Antioxidants from Brown MacroalgaeGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRavindran, RajeevWalsh, OrlaO'Doherty, John V.Jaiswal, Amit K.Tiwari, Brijesh K.Rajauria, Gaurav
20-Mar-2020Exploring Ultrasound, Microwave and Ultrasound–Microwave Assisted Extraction Technologies to Increase the Extraction of Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidants from Brown MacroalgaeGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoUmmat, VirujaTiwari, Brijesh K.Rajauria, Gaurav
27-Oct-2018Exploring ultrasound-assisted extraction to recover high valuable polysaccharides from brown macroalgae and its related antioxidant activitiesGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRajauria, GauravTiwari, Brijesh K.Sweeney, TorresO'Doherty, John V.
30-Jul-2018Extraction and yield optimisation of fucose, glucans and associated antioxidant activities from laminaria digitata by applying response surface methodology to high intensity ultrasound-assisted extractionGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRajauria, GauravTiwari, Brijesh K.Sweeney, TorresO'Doherty, John V.
Dec-2021Green extraction of proteins, umami and other free amino acids from brown macroalgae Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosusUmmat, VirujaGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoPoojary, Mahesha M.O'Donnell, C. P. (Colm P.)et al.
Sep-2012Histochemistry evaluation of the oxidative stress and the antioxidant status in Cu-supplemented cattleGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoBenedito, José LuisLópez-Alonso, MartaMiranda, Marta