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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jul-2020Assessing the Biological Safety of Atmospheric Cold Plasma Treated Wheat Using Cell and Insect ModelsLos, AgataZiuzina, DanaVan Cleynenbreugel, RobinBoehm, DanielaBourke, Paula
14-Jan-2021Biomolecules as Model Indicators of In Vitro and In Vivo Cold Plasma SafetyHeslin, CaitlinBoehm, DanielaGilmore, Brendan F.Bourke, Paulaet al.
29-Mar-2021Characterization of an atmospheric pressure air plasma device under different modes of operation and their impact on the liquid chemistryNg, Sing WeiSlikboer, ElmarDickenson, AaronLu, PengBourke, Paulaet al.
24-Apr-2020Cold Atmospheric Plasma Stimulates Clathrin-Dependent Endocytosis to Repair Oxidised Membrane and Enhance Uptake of Nanomaterial in Glioblastoma Multiforme CellsHe, ZhongleiLiu, KangzeScally, LaurenceBourke, Paulaet al.
Oct-2021Cold plasma for insect pest control: Tribolium castaneum mortality and defense mechanisms in response to treatmentZiuzina, DanaVan Cleynenbreugel, RobinTersaruolo, ClaudioBourke, Paula
21-Sep-2015Cold plasma inactivation of bacterial biofilms and reduction of quorum sensing regulated virulence factorsZiuzina, DanaBoehm, DanielaPatil, SonalCullen, P. J.Bourke, Paula
8-Jun-2021Combination of Natural Compounds With Novel Non-thermal Technologies for Poultry Products: A ReviewBarroug, SoukainaChaple, SonalBourke, Paula
22-Jun-2016Controlling microbial safety challenges of meat using high voltage atmospheric cold plasmaHan, L.Ziuzina, DanaHeslin, CaitlinBourke, Paulaet al.
14-Apr-2021Corrigendum: Biomolecules as Model Indicators of In Vitro and In Vivo Cold Plasma SafetyHeslin, CaitlinBoehm, DanielaGilmore, Brendan F.Bourke, Paulaet al.
24-Feb-2016Cytotoxic and mutagenic potential of solutions exposed to cold atmospheric plasmaBoehm, DanielaHeslin, CaitlinCullen, P. J.Bourke, Paula
8-Mar-2019Degradation kinetics of cold plasma-treated antibiotics and their antimicrobial activitySarangapani, ChaitanyaZiuzina, DanaBehan, PatriceBourke, Paulaet al.
24-Sep-2020Deposition of Cell Culture Coatings Using a Cold Plasma Deposition MethodO'Sullivan, DenisMcArdle, HazelNg, Sing WeiBourke, Paula
24-Sep-2020Direct Plasma Deposition of Collagen on 96-Well Polystyrene Plates for Cell CultureO'Sullivan, DenisO'Neill, LiamBourke, Paula
27-Jan-2021Distinct chemistries define the diverse biological effects of plasma activated water generated with spark and glow plasma dischargesTsoukou, EvanthiaDelit, MaximeTreint, LouiseBourke, PaulaBoehm, Daniela
11-Dec-2019The Effect of Atmospheric Cold Plasma on Bacterial Stress Responses and Virulence Using Listeria monocytogenes Knockout MutantsPatange, ApurvaO'Byrne, ConorBoehm, DanielaBourke, Paulaet al.
Dec-2020Effect of atmospheric cold plasma on the functional properties of whole wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain and wheat flourChaple, SonalSarangapani, ChaitanyaJones, JohnBourke, Paulaet al.
16-Apr-2021The effect of atmospheric cold plasma treatment on the antigenic properties of bovine milk casein and whey proteinsNg, Sing WeiLu, PengRulikowska, AleksandraBourke, Paulaet al.
30-Sep-2019Effect of cold plasma on polyphenol oxidase inactivation in cloudy apple juice and on the quality parameters of the juice during storageIllera, A. E.Chaple, SonalSanz, M. T.Bourke, Paulaet al.
27-Jan-2021The Effect of Plasma Treated Water Unit Processes on the Food Quality Characteristics of Fresh-Cut EndiveSchnabel, UtaHandorf, OliverWinter, HaukeBourke, Paulaet al.
16-Dec-2020Effects of cold plasma on wheat grain microbiome and antimicrobial efficacy against challenge pathogens and their resistanceLos, AgataZiuzina, DanaBoehm, DanielaBourke, Paula