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2-Mar-2021Dynamic studies for 100% converter-based Irish power systemZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian
12-Nov-2020Freezing Grid-Forming Converter Virtual Angular Speed to Enhance Transient Stability Under Current Reference LimitingZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian
2-Aug-2022Grid Forming Converter Angular Speed Freezing to Enhance Transient Stability in 100% Grid Forming and Mixed Power SystemsZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian
2-Aug-2022Grid-Forming Converter Current Limiting Design to Enhance Transient Stability for Grid Phase Jump EventsZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian
2022Grid-Forming Dynamic Stability under Large Fault Events – Application to 100% Inverter-based Irish Power SystemZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian
1-Jan-2021Grid-forming requirements based on stability assessment for 100% converter-based Irish power systemZhao, XianxianThakurta, Priyanko GuhaFlynn, Damian
1-Jan-2021Stability enhancement strategies for a 100% grid-forming and grid-following converter-based Irish power systemZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian
12-Nov-2020Transient stability analysis and enhancement of grid-forming inverters under different current prioritization limitation techniquesZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian
28-Oct-2020Transient Stability Enhancement with High Shares of Grid-Following Converters in a 100% Converter GridZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian
29-Jun-2022Voltage Dip Induced Frequency Dips for Power Systems with High Shares of Wind EnergyZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian