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8-Dec-2004Analysis and manipulation of amphotericin biosynthetic genes by means of modified phage KC515 transduction techniquesCarmody, MariaByrne, BarryMurphy, BarryBreen, CiaranLynch, SusanFlood, ElizabethFinnan, ShirleyCaffrey, Patrick
3-Aug-2005Biosynthesis of amphotericin derivatives lacking exocyclic carboxyl groupsCarmody, MariaMurphy, BarryByrne, BarryPower, PatrickRai, Dilip K.Rawlings, BernardCaffrey, Patrick
19-Dec-2003Biosynthesis of Deoxyamphotericins and Deoxyamphoteronolides by Engineered Strains of Streptomyces nodosusByrne, BarryCarmody, MariaGibson, EmmaRawlings, BernardCaffrey, Patrick
2008Biosynthetic engineering of polyene macrolides for generation of improved antifungal and antiparasitic agentsCaffrey, PatrickAparicio, Jesus F.Malpartid, FranciscoZotchev, Sergey B.
Mar-2017Engineered biosynthesis and characterisation of disaccharide-modified 8-deoxyamphoteronolidesWalmsley, SimonDe Poire, EimearRawlings, BernardCaffrey, Patrick
Feb-2016Exploiting the genome sequence of Streptomyces nodosus for enhanced antibiotic productionSweeney, PaulMurphy, Cormac D.Caffrey, Patrick
1-May-2017New insights into polyene macrolide biosynthesis in Couchioplanes caeruleusSheehan, JamesMurphy, Cormac D.Caffrey, Patrick
Jan-2009Phosphomannose isomerase and phosphomannomutase gene disruptions in Streptomyces nodosus: impact on amphotericin biosynthesis and implications for glycosylation engineeringNic Lochlain, LauraCaffrey, Patrick
May-2016Polyene macrollide biosynthesis in streptomycetes and related bacteria: recent advances from genome sequencing and experimental studiesCaffrey, PatrickDe Poire, EimearSheehan, JamesSweeney, Paul
26-Feb-2010Redesign of Polyene Macrolide Glycosylation: Engineered Biosynthesis of 19-(O)-Perosaminyl-Amphoteronolide BHutchinson, EveMurphy, BarryDunne, TerenceBreen, CiaranRawlings, BernardCaffrey, Patrick
2012Streptomyces nodosus Host Strains Optimised for Glycosylation EngineeringStephens, NiamhRawlings, BernardCaffrey, Patrick
22-May-2013Versatility of enzymes catalyzing late steps in polyene 67-121C biosynthesisStephens, NiamhRawlings, BernardCaffrey, Patrick