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Nov-2014Corrective Voltage Control Scheme Considering Demand Response and Stochastic Wind PowerRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, AlirezaMohammadi-Ivatloo, BehnamParniani, Mostafa
2016Distribution networks' energy losses versus hosting capacity of wind power in the presence of demand flexibilitySoroudi, AlirezaRabiee, AbbasKeane, Andrew
28-Jan-2014Energy Hub Management with Intermittent Wind PowerSoroudi, AlirezaMohammadi-Ivatloo, BehnamRabiee, Abbas
21-Apr-2021Gas Network's Impact on Power System Voltage SecurityRabiee, AbbasKamwa, InnocentKeane, AndrewSoroudi, Alireza
Aug-2012Imperialist competitive algorithm for solving non-convex dynamic economic power dispatchMohammadi-Ivatloo, BehnamRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, Alirezaet al.
Apr-2017Information gap decision theory approach to deal with wind power uncertainty in unit commitmentSoroudi, AlirezaRabiee, AbbasKeane, Andrew
Dec-2014Information Gap Decision Theory based OPF with HVDC Connected Wind FarmsRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
May-2013Nonconvex Dynamic Economic Power Dispatch Problems Solution Using Hybrid Immune-Genetic AlgorithmMohammadi-Ivatloo, BehnamRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, Alireza
Sep-2013Optimal multi-area generation schedule considering renewable resources mix: a real-time approachSoroudi, AlirezaRabiee, Abbas
Oct-2015Risk-Averse Preventive Voltage Control of AC/DC Power Systems Including Wind Power GenerationRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
Feb-2014Stochastic Multiperiod OPF Model of Power Systems With HVDC-Connected Intermittent Wind Power GenerationRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, Alireza
5-Jan-2015Stochastic Real-Time Scheduling of Wind-Thermal Generation Units in an Electric UtilitySoroudi, AlirezaRabiee, AbbasKeane, Andrew