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1-Jan-2016A comprehensive study of the delay vector variance method for quantification of nonlinearity in dynamical systemsJaksic, VesnaMandic, Danilo P.Ryan, Kevin M.Basu, BiswajitPakrashi, Vikram
18-Aug-2014Damage detection and calibration from beam–moving oscillator interaction employing surface roughnessJaksic, VesnaO'Connor, AlanPakrashi, Vikram
28-Feb-2015Dynamic response mitigation of floating wind turbine platforms using tuned liquid column dampersJaksic, VesnaWright, C.S.Murphy, J.Pakrashi, Vikramet al.
22-Aug-2016Effect of Road Surface, Vehicle, and Device Characteristics on Energy Harvesting from Bridge–Vehicle InteractionsCahill, PaulJaksic, VesnaKeane, JohnPakrashi, Vikramet al.
1-Jan-2016Estimation of nonlinearities from pseudodynamic and dynamic responses of bridge structures using the Delay Vector Variance methodJaksic, VesnaMandic, Danilo P.Karoumi, RaidBasu, BiswajitPakrashi, Vikram
9-Jul-2015The Hurst exponent as an indicator of the behaviour of a model monopile in an ocean wave testing basinPakrashi, VikramO'Shea, RichardJaksic, VesnaMurphy, Jimmy
1-May-2018Mitigating the structural vibrations of wind turbines using tuned liquid column damper considering soil-structure interactionBuckley, TadhgWatson, PhoebeCahill, PaulJaksic, VesnaPakrashi, Vikram
Oct-2013Robust Skewness-Kurtosis Descriptor for Damping Calibration from Frequency ResponseJaksic, VesnaPakrashi, Vikram