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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2017Encouraging sustainable commuting behaviour through smart policy provision: a stated preference mode-choice experiment in the Greater Dublin AreaCarroll, PáraicCaulfield, B. (Brian)Ahern, Aoife
Jan-2018A European collection of the Critical Thinking skills and dispositions needed in different professional fields for the 21st centuryDumitr, DanielaBigu, DragosElen, JanAhern, AoifeMcNally, CiaranO'Sullivan, Johnet al.
Jan-2018A European review on Critical Thinking educational practices in Higher Education InstitutionsDumitru, DanielaBigu, DragosElen, JanAhern, AoifeMcNally, CiaranO'Sullivan, Johnet al.
29-Aug-2012Evaluating transport equity in a post-boom & car dominant city : the case of Dublin, IrelandRock, SarahAhern, Aoife
Jul-2017Examining Smarter Travel Options to Reduce EmissionsCarroll, PáraicCaulfield, B. (Brian)Ahern, Aoife
Dec-2017Examining the potential for car-shedding in the Greater Dublin AreaCarroll, PáraicCaulfield, B. (Brian)Ahern, Aoife
2011Exploring the drivers of light rail ridership : an empirical route level analysis of selected Australian, North American and European systemsCurrie, GrahamAhern, AoifeDelbosc, Alexa
Jul-2014The green fields of Ireland: The legacy of Dublin's housing boom and the impact on commutingCaulfield, B. (Brian)Ahern, Aoife
Aug-2011Interpreting critical thinking for engineering education - the views of employers and academicsAhern, AoifeO'Connor, TomMac Ruairc, GerryMcNamara, Martin
20-Jul-2015Is Travel Based Residential Self-Selection a Significant Influence in Modal Choice and Household Location DecisionsHumphreys, JohnAhern, Aoife
Mar-2019Is travel based residential self-selection a significant influence in modal choice and household location decisions?Humphreys, JohnAhern, Aoife
8-Mar-2019A literature review of critical thinking in engineering educationAhern, AoifeDominguez, CarolineMcNally, CiaranO'Sullivan, John J.Pedrosa, Daniela
29-Aug-2012National travel statistics - travel in EuropeAhern, AoifeWeyman, GillRedelbach, MartinSchulz, Angelika
Jan-2007Railway projects prioritisation for investment : application of goal programmingAhern, AoifeAnandarajah, Gabrial
Oct-2011Regional Characteristics and the distribution of car engine sizes: a case study of IrelandFu, MiaoAhern, AoifeKelly, J. Andrew
29-Aug-2012A review of the Irish road networks infrastructure barriers to older peoples mobility: current policy and literatureFenton, ValerieCaulfield, B. (Brian)Ahern, Aoife
15-May-2013Speed Adpatation Control by Self-Explaining Roads (SPACE)Van Geem, CarlCharman, SuzyAhern, Aoifeet al.
10-Dec-2010Transport for older people in rural areasAhern, AoifeHine, Julian
Jul-2010Transport for the elderly - what happens in rural areas?Ahern, AoifeHine, JulianBegley, Emer
2010Transport needs of older people in rural IrelandAhern, AoifeHine, Julian