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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2004Gender budget pilot projectBarry, UrsulaPillinger, JaneQuinn, SheilaCashman, Aileen
Aug-2017Gender equality and economic crisis: Ireland and EUBarry, Ursula
2015Gender Equality in Ireland 2015Barry, Ursula
Oct-2004Gender equality perspective on Ireland's National Employment Action Plan 2004Barry, UrsulaConlon, Catherine
Apr-2007Gender mainstreaming in Ireland. An analysis of employment policies from a gender perspectiveBarry, UrsulaMurphy, Sarah
Mar-2006Gender pay gap in IrelandBarry, UrsulaMurphy, Sarah
Mar-2011Gender perspective in the National Reform Programme for Employment : IrelandBarry, Ursula
Oct-2007A gender perspective on Ireland's employment policiesBarry, Ursula
Dec-2014Gender perspective on the economic crisis: Ireland in an EU contextBarry, Ursula
May-2008Gender segregation in the labour market : roots, implications and policy responses in IrelandBarry, UrsulaSherlock, Leslie
31-Mar-2018Gender, Austerity and Economic Crisis: A Perspective on EU and IrelandBarry, Ursula
Aug-2013Ireland in Crisis 2008-2012: women, austerity and inequalityBarry, UrsulaConroy, Pauline
20-Mar-2018Ireland on the Frontline: challenging foetal rights ideologiesBarry, Ursula
Jun-2010Life-long learning and new skills in Ireland : a gender perspectiveBarry, Ursula
Sep-2004"Making work pay" : debates from a gender perspective - the Irish national reportBarry, UrsulaConlon, CatherineO'Connor, Joan
Oct-2008National expert assessment of the gender perspective in the National Reform Programme for Employment. IrelandBarry, Ursula
Sep-2006National expert assessment of the gender perspective in the National Report on Strategies for Social Protection and Social Inclusion 2006 – The Irish National ReportBarry, UrsulaConlon, CatherineMurphy, Sarah
10-May-2012National expert assessment of The National Reform Programme 2012Barry, Ursula
Mar-2008Provision of childcare services in IrelandBarry, UrsulaSherlock, Leslie
May-2011The provision of out-of-school care in IrelandBarry, Ursula