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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Nov-2007Effect of Compiler Optimizations on DSP Processor Power and Energy ConsumptionCasas-Sanchez, M.Rizo-Morente, J.Bleakley, Chris J.Gonzalez-Hernandez, Juan
Jun-2009Efficient Concurrent Error Detection and Correction of Soft Errors in NTT-based ConvolutionsO'Donnell, AnneBleakley, Chris J.Reviriego, P.Maestro, J.A.
Jan-2012Enhanced Beacon Enabled Mode For Improved IEEE 802.15.4 Low Data Rate PerformanceLi, XiaoyunBleakley, Chris J.Bober, Wojciech
Jan-1997Experiences in Facilitating Internet Access for Schools in IrelandBleakley, Chris J.
18-Dec-2008Extending the Lifetime of Sensor Networks Using Prediction and SchedulingLim, Jong ChernBleakley, Chris J.
2-Jan-2014Failure Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Sequence-based Dynamic ApproachKamal, Abu Raihan M.Bleakley, Chris J.Dobson, Simon
28-Oct-2006Fast Mode Decision With Early Termination For H.264/AVC Video CodingIvanov, YuriBleakley, Chris J.
2016Gait Biomechanics in Participants, Six Months after First-Time Lateral Ankle SprainDoherty, CailbheBleakley, Chris J.Herte, JayCaulfield, BrianRyan, JohnDelahunt, Eamonn
13-Mar-2007GALS SoC Interconnect Bus for Wireless Sensor Network Processor PlatformsFernandez, Carlos H.Raval, Rajkumar K.Bleakley, Chris J.
Jul-2014GNSS Instantaneous Ambiguity Resolution and Attitude Determination Exploiting the Receiver Antenna ConfigurationBallal, TarigBleakley, Chris J.
3-Oct-2012High accuracy Location Estimation of a Mobile Tag using One-way UWB SignallingSaad, Mohamed M.Bleakley, Chris J.Walsh, MichaelYe, Tingcong
Jun-2012High Accuracy Reference-free Ultrasonic Location EstimationSaad, Mohamed M.Bleakley, Chris J.Ballal, TarigDobson, Simon
Oct-2014High Resolution Time Of Arrival Estimation for OFDM-Based TransceiversMakki, AhmedSiddig, AbubakrSaad, Mohamed M.Cavallaro, J. R.Bleakley, Chris J.
21-Oct-2009High-precision robust broadband ultrasonic location and orientation estimationGonzalez-Hernandez, JuanBleakley, Chris J.
6-Sep-2012Hybrid Bayesian fusion of range-based and sourceless location estimates under varying observabilityYadav, NageshBleakley, Chris J.
Jan-2011Implications of energy efficient Ethernet for hubs and switchesReviriego, P.Maestro, J.A.Bleakley, Chris J.
Apr-2011Improved patient specific seizure detection during pre-surgical evaluationChua, Eric C.-P.Patel, KunjanFitzsimons, MaryBleakley, Chris J.
Jan-2014The Incidence and Prevalence of Ankle Sprain Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Prospective Epidemiological StudiesDoherty, CailbheDelahunt, EamonnCaulfield, BrianHertel, JayRyan, JohnBleakley, Chris J.
23-Jun-2010Increasing the MTU size for Energy Efficiency in EthernetReviriego, P.Sanchez-Macian, A.Maestro, J.A.Bleakley, Chris J.
Feb-2015Inter-joint coordination strategies during unilateral stance 6-months following first-time lateral ankle sprainDoherty, CailbheBleakley, Chris J.Hertel, JayRyan, JohnSweeney, Kevin T.Delahunt, Eamonn