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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-2012Dielectric charge control in electrostatic MEMS positioners / varactorsBlokhina, ElenaLopez, DavidGorreta, SergiMolinero, DavidFeely, OrlaPons Nin, JoanDominguez, Manuel
29-Jun-2016Discrete-time modelling and experimental validation of an All-Digital PLL for clock-generating networksKoskin, EugeneBlokhina, ElenaShan, ChuanFeely, Orla
May-2009Dynamics of the MEMS pulsed digital oscillator with multiple delays in the feedback loopBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
Aug-2009Excitation of multiple spatial modes of a MEMS cantilever in the pulsed digital oscillatorBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
18-Jul-2019FPGA Based Modelling of an ADPLL NetworkDooley, C.Blokhina, ElenaMulkeen, BrianGalayko, Dimitri
14-May-2019From two types of electrostatic position-dependent semiconductor qubits to quantum universal gates and hybrid semiconductor-superconducting quantum computerPomorski, KrzysztofGiounanlis, PanagiotisBlokhina, ElenaLeipold, DirkPȩczkowski, PawełStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
Jun-2018Generation of a Clocking Signal in Synchronized All-Digital PLL NetworksKoskin, EugeneGalayko, DimitriFeely, OrlaBlokhina, Elena
Jan-2009A kicked oscillator as a model of a pulsed MEMS systemBlokhina, ElenaFeely, Orla
24-Oct-2012Limit on Converted Power in Resonant Electrostatic Vibration Energy HarvestersBlokhina, ElenaGalayko, DimitriHarte, PeterBasset, PhilippeFeely, Orla
15-May-2011MEMS with sigma-delta type of feedback loop control as an iterative mapPladys, MathieuBlokhina, Elena
31-May-2019Method of Equivalent Currents for the Calculation of Magnetic Fields in Inductors and Magnets with Application to ElectronicsSokolov, AndriiKennedy, Michael PeterBlokhina, Elena
17-Jul-2015Mode-locking in a network of kuramoto-like oscillatorsKoskin, EugeneGalayko, DimitriFeely, OrlaBlokhina, Elena
Feb-2020Modelling and Verification of Nonlinear Electromechanical Coupling in Micro-Scale Kinetic Electromagnetic Energy HarvestersSokolov, AndriiMallick, DhimanRoy, SaibalKennedy, Michael PeterBlokhina, Elena
Sep-2013Modelling of a charge control method for capacitive MEMSGiounanlis, PanagiotisBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaDominguez, ManuelPons Nin, JoanGorreta, Sergi
14-May-2019Modelling of Electromagnetic Coupling in Micro-Scale Electromagnetic Energy HarvestersSokolov, AndriiMallick, DhimanRoy, SaibalKennedy, Michael PeterBlokhina, Elena
19-May-2013Nonlinear effects in electrostatic vibration energy harvesters: current progress and perspectivesGalayko, DimitriBlokhina, Elena
May-2010On some properties of the output of a pulsed digital oscillator working with multiple resonancesBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaRicart, JordiDominguez, Manuel
29-May-2019Path-Based Statistical Static Timing Analysis for Large Integrated Circuits in a Weak Correlation ApproximationMishagli, DmytroKoskin, EugeneBlokhina, Elena
25-Jul-2012Pulsed Digital Oscillators for Electrostatic MEMSFernandez, D.Jimenez, V.Madrenas, J.Gorreta, SergiBlokhina, ElenaPons Nin, JoanO'Connell, DiarmuidFeely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
15-May-2019Semi-Analytical Method for the Extraction of the System Parameters in Application to Kinetic Energy HarvestersSokolov, AndriiOlszewski, Oskar ZHoulihan, RuthKennedy, Michael PeterBlokhina, Elena