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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2019Semi-Analytical Method for the Extraction of the System Parameters in Application to Kinetic Energy HarvestersSokolov, AndriiOlszewski, Oskar ZHoulihan, RuthKennedy, Michael PeterBlokhina, Elena
31-May-2017Semianalytical model for high speed analysis of all-digital PLL clock-generating networksKoskin, EugeneGalayko, DimitriFeely, OrlaBlokhina, Elena
Feb-2016Sigma Delta Effects and Charge Locking in Capacitive MEMS under Dielectric Charge ControlGiounanlis, PanagiotisGorreta, SergiDominguez, ManuelPons Nin, JoanFeely, OrlaBlokhina, Elena
5-Jul-2018Statistical Simulations of Delay Propagation in Large Scale Circuits Using Graph Traversal and Kernel Function DecompositionFreeley, JenniferMishagli, DmytroBrazil, Thomas J.Blokhina, Elena
Apr-2013Steady-State Oscillations in Resonant Electrostatic Vibration Energy HarvestersBlokhina, ElenaGalayko, DimitriBasset, PhilippeFeely, Orla
30-Jul-2019Synchronized Interconnected ADPLLs for Distributed Clock Generation in 65 nm CMOS TechnologyGalayko, DimitriShan, ChuanZianbetov, EldarBlokhina, Elenaet al.
Dec-2013Tools for analytical and numerical analysis of electrostatic vibration energy harvesters: application to a continuous mode conditioning circuitGalayko, DimitriBlokhina, ElenaBasset, PhilippeCottone, FrancescoDudka, AndreyO'Riordan, EoghanFeely, Orla
Dec-2013Wideband electrostatic Vibration Energy Harvester (e-VEH) having a low start-up voltage employing a high-voltage integrated interfaceDudka, AndreyBasset, PhilippeCottone, FrancescoBlokhina, ElenaGalayko, Dimitri