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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Correlation dynamics between Asia-Pacifc, EU and US stock returnsHyde, StuartBredin, DonalNguyen, Nghia
Dec-2005European monetary policy surprises : the aggregate and sectoral stock market responseBredin, DonalHyde, StuartO'Reilly, Gerard
30-May-2004Foreign shocks and the volatility of the ISEQBredin, DonalGavin, CarolineO'Reilly, Gerard
Mar-2004International influences on Irish stock returnsBredin, DonalHyde, Stuart
2004International policy rate changes and Dublin interbank offer ratesBredin, DonalGavin, CarolineO'Reilly, Gerard
2009Investigating sources of unanticipated exposure in industry stock returnsBredin, DonalHyde, Stuart
Mar-2007Is macroeconomic uncertainty bad for macroeconomic performance? Evidence from five Asian countriesBredin, DonalFountas, Stilianos
Feb-2004Macroeconomic uncertainty and macroeconomic performance: are they related?Bredin, DonalFountas, Stilianos
2005Macroeconomic uncertainty and performance in the European Union and implications for the objectives of monetary policyBredin, DonalFountas, Stilianos
May-2006Managing foreign exchange exposure for Irish exportsCotter, JohnBredin, Donal
2007Monetary policy & real estate investment trustsBredin, DonalO'Reilly, GerardStevenson, Simon
4-Oct-2006Monetary policy surprises and international bond marketsBredin, DonalHyde, StuartO'Reilly, Gerard
2007Monetary shocks and REIT returnsBredin, DonalO'Reilly, GerardStevenson, Simon
Aug-2009Oil volatility and the option value of waiting : an analysis of the G-7Bredin, DonalElder, JohnFountas, Stilianos
2006Real & nominal foreign exchange volatility effects on exports – the importance of timingBredin, DonalCotter, John
19-Nov-2009Real & nominal foreign exchange volatility effects on exports – the importance of timingBredin, DonalCotter, John
21-Oct-2005UK Stock returns & the impact of domestic monetary policy shocksBredin, DonalHyde, StuartO'Reilly, Gerard
12-Oct-2004Volatility and Irish exportsBredin, DonalCotter, John