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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2016An Art, not a ScienceBrennan, Niamh
2015Audit committees: practices, practitioners and praxis of governanceBrennan, NiamhKirwan, Collette E.
Jun-2013Bank CEOs, executive hubris and the banking crisisBrennan, NiamhConroy, John P.
Dec-2013Behavioural and Psychological influences on BoardsBrennan, Niamh
3-Sep-2013Behavioural and psychological influences on boardsBrennan, Niamh
2004Board effectiveness and evaluationBrennan, Niamh
Oct-2018Board effectivenesssBrennan, Niamh
2004Board evaluationBrennan, Niamh
Dec-2012Boardroom Feng ShuiBrennan, Niamh
Nov-2006Boards of directors and firm performance : is there an expectations gap?Brennan, Niamh
7-Apr-2010Boards that work - information flow is the keyBrennan, Niamh
5-Feb-2018Businesses' quid pro quoBrennan, Niamh
Dec-2011Can Directors Rely on Experts?Brennan, Niamh
Aug-2015A Case of DistortionBrennan, Niamh
1999A comparative analysis of required financial disclosures in US, UK and international accounting standardsBrennan, NiamhMarston, Claire
Sep-2015A Concentration of MindsBrennan, Niamh
14-Dec-2011A conceptual framework of impression management : new insights from psychology, sociology, and critical perspectivesMerkl-Davies, Doris M.Brennan, Niamh
Dec-2011A conceptual framework of impression management: new insights from psychology, sociology, and critical perspectivesBrennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.
Jun-2018Conficts of InterestBrennan, Niamh
1997Corporate Governance Practices in Irish CompaniesBrennan, NiamhMcCafferty, Jacqueline