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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Executive Hubris: The Case of a Bank CEOBrennan, NiamhConroy, John P.
Nov-2017Explaining Communication Choices during Equity Offerings: Market Timing or Impression Management?Hemmings, Danial R.Brennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.
Sep-2012An exploration of the relationship between language choice in CEO letters to shareholders and corporate reputationCraig, Russell J.Brennan, Niamh
Feb-2016Financial SleuthingBrennan, Niamh
Jul-2007Financial statement fraud : some lessons from US and European case studiesBrennan, NiamhMcGrath, Mary
May-2001Forensic accounting and intellectual property infringementBrennan, NiamhHennessy, John
Oct-2001Forensic accounting and the calculation of commercial damagesBrennan, NiamhHennessy, John
Sep-2001Forensic Accounting and the Calculation of Personal Injury DamagesBrennan, NiamhHennessy, John
Nov-2014Forensic Accounting in a Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy: The Case of IrelandBrennan, Niamh
Dec-2004Good faith reporting by trainee auditorsKelly, JohnBrennan, Niamh
2003A health service that is accountable and value for moneyBrennan, Niamh
24-May-2013How much should boards know?Brennan, NiamhRedmond, John
2005The impact of materiality : accounting’s best kept secretBrennan, NiamhGray, S. J.
1-Apr-2017Implementing Corporate Governance: Practices, Practitioners, PraxisBrennan, NiamhKirwan, Collette E.
2009Impression management : developing and illustrating a scheme of analysis for narrative disclosures – a methodological noteBrennan, NiamhGuillamon-Saorin, EncarnaPierce, Aileen
Apr-2011Impression management and retrospective sense-making in corporate narratives : a social psychology perspectiveMerkl-Davies, Doris M.Brennan, NiamhMcLeay, Stuart
20-Aug-2018Impression Management in Annual Report Narratives: The Case of the UK Private Finance InitiativeEdgar, Victoria C.Beck, MatthiasBrennan, Niamh
5-Oct-2017Information Asymmetry is Good for Effective BoardsBrennan, NiamhKirwan, Collette E.Redmond, John
2000Intellectual capital : current issues and policy implicationsBrennan, NiamhConnell, Brenda
Jun-1990Irish Published Accounts under ScrutinyBrennan, NiamhPierce, Aileen