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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Learning curve at IoD centre for corporate governanceBrennan, Niamh
21-Jul-2017Let's keep 'comply-or-explain' in corporate governance burning brightShrives, Philip J.Brennan, Niamh
29-Mar-2018The long viewBrennan, Niamh
1999National networks of corporate power : an Irish perspectiveMac Canna, LeoBrennan, NiamhO'Higgins, Eleanor
May-2005A new methodology to measure impression management - A linguistic approach to reading difficultyMerkl-Davies, Doris M.Brennan, NiamhMcLeay, Stuart
Jun-1985Objective tests in financial accountingClarke, PeterBrennan, Niamh
Jun-1998The 'Old Boys' network and Irish company boardsMac Canna, LeoBrennan, NiamhO'Higgins, Eleanor
Aug-1982Pension AccountingBrennan, Niamh
Jul-1984The Persistent TaxmanBrennan, Niamh
3-Dec-2018The public goodBrennan, Niamh
22-Jun-2015Reflections on Corporate Governance following Clerys' ClosureBrennan, Niamh
2001Reporting intellectual capital in annual reports : evidence from IrelandBrennan, Niamh
13-Nov-2003Republic of IrelandPierce, AileenBrennan, Niamh
2001Republic of IrelandPierce, AileenBrennan, Niamh
2010A review of corporate governance research : an Irish perspectiveBrennan, Niamh
Jun-2000Rhetoric and argument in financial reporting : disclosures in profit forecasts and takeover documentsBrennan, NiamhGray, S. J.
2014Rhetoric and Argument in Social and Environmental Reporting: the Dirty Laundry caseBrennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.
Dec-2010Rhetoric, argument and impression management in hostile takeover defence documentsBrennan, NiamhDaly, Caroline A.Harrington, Claire S.
16-Jul-2013Role of Culture, Behaviour and Psychological Biases in BoardroomsBrennan, Niamh
Mar-2016Shades of Grey: Directors' DilemmasBrennan, Niamh