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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2007Effectiveness of a drinking-water treatment sludge in removing different phosphorus species from aqueous solutionRazali, MelanieZhao, Y.Q.Bruen, Michael
2017ESManage Programme: Irish Freshwater Resources and Assessment of Ecosystem Services ProvisionFeeley, Hugh B.Bruen, MichaelBullock, CraigChristie, MikeKelly, FionaKelly-Quinn, Mary
Sep-2009Estimating the parameters of the extreme value type 1 distribution for low flow series in IrelandNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
2008Eutrophication from agricultural sourcesCarton, Owen T.Tunney, H.Daly, KarenRyan, MichaelKurz, I.Doody, DonnachaBourke, DavidKiely, GerardMorgan, G. (Gerard)Moles, RichardJordan, P.Ryan, D.Irvine, KennethJennings, EleanorMagette, W. L.Bruen, MichaelMulqueen, JohnRodgers, M. (Michael)Johnston, PaulBartley, Pamela
Sep-2006Eutrophication from agricultural sources : a comparison of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN/GOPC phosphorus models for three Irish catchments - Final ReportNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
Sep-2006Eutrophication from agricultural sources : a comparison of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN/GOPC phosphorus models for three Irish catchments : executive summaryNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
Apr-2009Evaluation of the EV1 distribution for different low flow series in the Shannon river basin in IrelandNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
Mar-2010An evaluation of urban flood estimation methodologies in IrelandO'Sullivan, J. J.Gebre, F.Bruen, MichaelPurcell, Patrick J.
2009Hydrology and the Water Framework Directive in IrelandBruen, Michael
24-Jul-2012The impact of a catastrophic storm event on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in upland headwater streams and potential implications for ecological diversity and assessment of ecological statusFeeley, Hugh B.Davis, StephenBruen, MichaelBlacklocke, SeanKelly-Quinn, Mary
3-Jun-2019Improving national mapping of critical source areas of phosphorus and nitrogen losses in Irish agricultural catchments to support policyThomas, Ian A.Bruen, MichaelMockler, Eva M.Kelly, EdelMurphy, Paulet al.
2012Influences on flood frequency distributions in Irish river catchmentsAhilan, SangaralingamBruen, MichaelO'Sullivan, J. J.
Aug-2003Modelling phosphorus loss from agricultural catchments : a comparison of the performance of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN for the Clarianna catchmentNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, MichaelParkin, GeoffBirkinshaw, SteveMoles, RichardByrne, Paul
12-Nov-2012A modified Muskingum routing approach for floodplain flows: theory and practiceO'Sullivan, J. J.Ahilan, SangaralingamBruen, Michael
Apr-2006Multi-criteria and Decision Support Systems in support of the Water Framework Directive in IrelandBruen, MichaelNasr, Ahmed Elssidig
2016Nutrient Load Apportionment to Support the Identification of Appropriate Water Framework Directive MeasuresMockler, Eva M.Deakin, JennyArchbold, Marie A.Daly, DonalBruen, Michael
10-Jul-2012Parameter sensitivity of a watershed-scale flood forecasting model as a function of modelling time-stepO'Loughlin, FiachraBruen, MichaelWagener, Thorsten
Nov-2004Physically-based, distributed, catchment modelling for estimating sediment and phosphorus loads to rivers and lakes : issues of model complexity, spatial and temporal scales and data requirementsNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, MichaelJordan, PhillipMoles, RichardKiely, GerardByrne, Paul
2016Progressing understanding of episodic stream acidification in upland plantation conifer forested subcatchments in IrelandBlacklocke, Sean
Apr-2010Propagation of uncertainty from observing systems and NWP into hydrological models : COST-731 Working Group 2Zappa, MassimilianoBeven, K. J.Bruen, MichaelCofiño, Antonio S.Kok, KeesMartin, EricNurmi, PerttiOrfila, BartoloméRoulin, EmmanuelSeed, AlanSchröter, KaiSzturc, JanVehvilainen, BertelGermann, UrsRossa, Andrea