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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2006Thematic review of family therapy journals 2005Carr, Alan
Aug-2008Thematic review of family therapy journals 2007Carr, Alan
Nov-2010Thematic Review of Family Therapy Journals 2009Carr, Alan
Nov-2011Thematic review of family therapy Journals 2010Carr, Alan
21-Mar-2012Thematic review of family therapy journals 2011Carr, Alan
Nov-2013Thematic review of family therapy journals 2012Carr, Alan
Nov-2004Thematic review of family therapy journals in 2003Carr, Alan
Nov-2009Thematic review of family therapy journals in 2008Carr, Alan
Nov-2014Thematic review of family therapy journals in 2013Carr, Alan
1996Therapeutic dilemmas and crisis phonecalls in family therapy: Guidelines for positive practiceCarr, Alan
2-Dec-2005There is no need to feel any anxietyCarr, Alan
1989Thurlow House Adolescent Assessment ProgrammeCarr, AlanGawlinski, GeorgeMcDonnell, DermotIrving, NickDocking, Sheila
1988Thurlow house assessment programme for families with physically abused childrenGawlinski, GeorgeCarr, AlanMacDonnell, DermotIrving, Nick
2001Twenty years a growing: gains in the intelligence test scores of Irish children over two decadesCarr, Alan
Jun-1999Unawareness of illness and its relationship with depression and self-deception in schizophreniaMoore, OrlaCassidy, EugeneCarr, AlanO'Callaghan, Eadhbhart
2013Understanding how people cope with cancerMcKiernan, AidanSteggles, ShawnCarr, Alan
2000Urban public attitudes to the treatment of psychological problems and depression in general practiceMcKeon, PatrickGavigan, P.Carr, Alan
Aug-2010Validation of a 28-item version of the Systemic Clinical Outcome and Routine Evaluation in an Irish context: The SCORE-28Cahill, PaulO'Reilly, KenCarr, AlanDooley, Barbara A.Stratton, Peter
Feb-2015The Waterford mental health surveyCarr, AlanKeenleyside, MairiFitzhenry, Market al.
Jan-2001What works with children and adolescents? Carr, Alan