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Feb-2013Combining an Angle Criterion with Voxelization and the Flying Voxel Method in Reconstructing Building Models from LiDAR DataTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.Hinks, TommyCarr, Hamish
Mar-2014Crack detection limits in unit based masonry with terrestrial laser scanningLaefer, Debra F.Truong-Hong, LinhCarr, HamishSingh, Manmeet
Nov-2009Flight optimization algorithms for aerial LiDAR capture for urban infrastructure model generationHinks, TommyCarr, HamishLaefer, Debra F.
Oct-2009The LAIR : Lightweight Affordable Immersion RoomDenby, BarryCampbell, Abraham G.Carr, HamishO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
1-Dec-2011New Advances in Automated Urban Modelling from Airborne Laser Scanning DataLaefer, Debra F.Hinks, TommyCarr, HamishTruong-Hong, Linh
Jun-2010New possibilities for damage prediction from tunnel subsidence using aerial LiDAR dataLaefer, Debra F.Hinks, TommyCarr, Hamish
Feb-2006Opportunities and impediments to the use of 3D laser scanning for adjacent excavationsLaefer, Debra F.Carr, HamishMorrish, SeanKalkan, Erol
May-2013Point Cloud Data Conversion into Solid Models via Point-Based VoxelizationHinks, TommyCarr, HamishTruong-Hong, Linhet al.
Jun-2015Visualisation of urban airborne laser scanning data with occlusion imagesHinks, TommyCarr, HamishGharibi, HamidLaefer, Debra F.