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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1989Angelic InteriorityCasey, Gerard
Apr-2005Are there unenumerated rights in the Irish constitution?Casey, Gerard
Jun-1988Artificial Intelligence and WittgensteinCasey, Gerard
May-2005Born alive: the legal status of the unborn child in England and the U.S.A.Casey, Gerard
Dec-2011Can You Own Yourself?Casey, Gerard
Oct-1989The Computational Metaphor and Cognitive PsychologyCasey, GerardMoran, Aidan P.
Jan-2010Constitutions of no authority: Spoonerian reflectionsCasey, Gerard
Mar-2012The Contemporary University and its Cultured DespisersCasey, Gerard
Dec-2010An Elementary Grammar of Rights and the LawCasey, Gerard
2012Ethics and Economics : Friends or Foes?Casey, Gerard
Mar-2003Ethics and human natureCasey, Gerard
Jun-1987An explication of Boethius's De Hebdomadibus in the light of St Thomas's commentaryCasey, Gerard
Jun-2003Faith in search of understandingCasey, Gerard
Aug-2009Feser on Rothbard as a philosopherCasey, Gerard
Jun-1995Hopkins: Poetry and PhilosophyCasey, Gerard
Jun-1992Immateriality and intentionalityCasey, Gerard
Jun-2013The inescapability of ethicsCasey, Gerard
Feb-2012An Interview with a Libertarian AnarchistCasey, GerardShaughnessy, Michael
Nov-2009An Interview with Gerard CaseyShaughnessy, Michael
Oct-2004The 'logically faultless' argument for unenumerated rights in the ConstitutionCasey, Gerard