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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2019Capturing concussion related changes in dynamic balance using the quantified Y Balance Test - a case series of six elite rugby union playersJohnston, WilliamO'Reilly, MartinListon, MaireadCaulfield, Brianet al.
30-Dec-2016Challenging Concussed Athletes: The Future of Balance Assessment in ConcussionJohnston, WilliamCoughlan, GarrettCaulfield, Brian
25-Oct-2018Clinician perceptions of a prototype wearable exercise biofeedback system for orthopaedic rehabilitation: a qualitative explorationArgent, RobSlevin, PatrickBevilacqua, AntonioCaulfield, Brianet al.
Mar-2010A common awareness and knowledge platform for studying and enabling independent living – CAPSILBennis, CaoimheMcGrath, DeniseCaulfield, BrianKnapp, BenCoghlan, Niall
2013Comparative effect of a 1 h session of electrical muscle stimulation and walking activity on energy expenditure and substrate oxidation in obese subjectsGrosset, Jean-FrançoisCrowe, LouisDe Vito, GiuseppeO'Shea, DonalCaulfield, Brian
Apr-2009A comparison of a computer game-based exercise system with conventional approaches of exercise therapy in rheumatology patientsMcCormack, KirstiFitzgerald, DiarmaidFitzGerald, OliverCaulfield, BrianO'Huiginn, BrendanSmyth, Barry
26-Oct-2014A comparison of the movement patterns of specific rugby union movements on both natural turf and artificial turfO'Keeffe, SeamusFullam, KarlFeeley, Marc O.Caulfield, BrianDelahunt, EamonnCoughlan, GarrettGilchrist, M. D.
Apr-2017Concussion is associated with altered preparatory postural adjustments during gait initiationDoherty, CailbheZhao, LiangRyan, JohnCaulfield, Brianet al.
2016Connected Health in Europe: Where are we today?Mountford, NicolaKessie, ThreaseQuinlan, M.Maher, R.Smolders, R.Van Royen, P.Todorovic, I.Belani, H.Horak, H.Ljubi, I.Stage, J.Lamas, D.Shmorgun, I.Perälä-Heape, M.Isomursu, MinnaManagematin, V.Trajkovik, V.Madevska-Bogdanova, A.Stainov, R.Chouvarda, IoannaDimitrakopoulos, G.Stulman, A.Haddad, Y.Alzbutas, R.Calleja, N.Tilney, M.Moen, A.Thygesen, E.Lewandowski, R.Klichowski, M.Oliveira, P.Machado da Silva, J.Loncar Turukalo, T.Marovic, B.Drusany Staric, K.Cvetkovic, B.Luque, E.Fernandez Luque, L.Burmaoglu, S.Dolu, N.Curcin, V.McLaughlin, J.Caulfield, Brian
Oct-2015Coordination and symmetry patterns during the drop vertical jump, 6-months after first-time lateral ankle sprainDoherty, CailbheBleakley, Chris J.Caulfield, BrianRyan, JohnSweeney, Kevin T.Patterson, MatthewDelahunt, Eamonn
2016Deprivation and access to work in Dublin city: The impact of transport disadvantageAhern, AoifeVega, AmayaCaulfield, Brian
2008Development and user evaluation of a virtual rehabilitation system for wobble board balance trainingFitzgerald, DiarmaidTrakarnratanakul, NanthanaDunne, LucySmyth, BarryCaulfield, Brian
30-Aug-2014Does external walking environment affect gait patterns?Patterson, MatthewWhelan, DarraghReginatto, BrendaCaprani, NiamhCaulfield, Brianet al.
Apr-2016Dynamic balance deficits in individuals with chronic ankle instability compared to ankle sprain copers 1 year after a first-time lateral ankle sprain injuryDoherty, CailbheBleakley, Chris J.Hertel, JayCaulfield, BrianRyan, JohnDelahunt, Eamonn
20-Dec-2018Dynamic balance performance varies by position but not by age group in elite Rugby Union players a normative studyJohnston, WilliamDuignan, CiaraCoughlan, Garrett F.Caulfield, Brian
2016The economic boom, bust and transport inequity in suburban Dublin, IrelandRock, SarahAharen, AoifeCaulfield, Brian
Jun-2009The effect of a vastus lateralis tape on muscle activity during stair climbingMcCarthy Persson, UlrikFleming, H. F.Caulfield, Brian
Apr-2010The effects of a neuromuscular electrical stimulation training intervention on physiological measures in a spinal cord injured male : a case studyMcCormack, KirstiCarty, AmandaCoghlan, GarrettCrowe, LouisCaulfield, Brian
Apr-2010The effects of an electrical muscle stimulation training intervention on physiological measures in a spinal cord injury maleMcCormack, KirstiCarty, AmandaCoughlan, GarrettCrowe, LouisCaulfield, Brian
Apr-2010The effects of electrical muscle stimulation training in a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease population – a pilot studyHennessy, EilisCoughlan, GarrettCaulfield, BrianCrowe, LouisPerumal, Shakila DeviMcDonnell, Tim J.