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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010A method for monitoring reactive strength indexPatterson, MatthewCaulfield, Brian
21-Aug-2017Mobile App to Streamline the Development of Wearable Sensor-Based Exercise Biofeedback Systems: System Development and EvaluationO'Reilly, MartinDuffin, JoeWard, TomásCaulfield, Brian
Sep-2014Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) during recovery from exercise: A systematic reviewMalone, JohnBlake, CatherineCaulfield, Brian
5-Nov-2019Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) in the Management of Glioblastoma MultiformeO'Connor, DominicCaulfield, BrianWright, SarahLennon, Olive
2017Neuromuscular electrical stimulation exercise: a potential alternative to conventional exercise in the management of type 2 diabetesGiggins, Oonagh M.Crowe, LouisCoughlan, GarrettCaulfield, Brian
Sep-2014Neuromuscular electrical stimulation: no enhancement of recovery from maximal exerciseCaulfield, BrianMalone, JohnBlake, Catherine
14-Feb-2019Not All Sensors are Created Equal: A Framework for Evaluating Human Performance Measurement technologiesCaulfield, BrianReginatto, BrendaSlevin, Patrick
9-Nov-2016Objective Classification of Dynamic Balance Using a Single Wearable SensorJohnston, WilliamO'Reilly, MartinDolan, KaraReid, NiamhCoughlan, GarrettCaulfield, Brian
25-May-2017Objective quantification of a clinical dynamic balance assessmentJohnston, WilliamMoran, ThomasDolan, KaraReid, NiamhCaulfield, Brian
29-Jul-2020Patient Experiences of Rehabilitation and the Potential for an mHealth System with Biofeedback After Breast Cancer Surgery: Qualitative StudyBrennan, LouiseKessie, ThreaseCaulfield, Brian
1-Mar-2018Patient Involvement With Home-Based Exercise Programs: Can Connected Health Interventions Influence Adherence?Argent, RobDaly, AilishCaulfield, Brian
1-Oct-2019Personalised and progressive neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) in patients with cancera clinical case seriesO'Connor, DominicMora Fernandez, MatildeSignorelli, GabrielCaulfield, BrianValero, Pedro
Jun-2020Personalization in Real-Time Physical Activity Coaching using Mobile Applications: A Scoping ReviewMonteiro-Guerra, FranciscoRivera-Romero, OctavioFernandez Luque, L.Caulfield, Brian
1-Jul-2020A personalized physical activity coaching app for breast cancer survivors: Design process and early prototype testingMonteiro-Guerra, FranciscoSignorelli, GabrielTadas, ShreyaDorronzoro Zubiete, EnriqueRivera-Romero, OctavioFernandez Luque, L.Caulfield, Brian
Jan-2016Pervasive Sound Sensing: A Weakly Supervised Training ApproachKelly, DanielCaulfield, Brian
Apr-2010The physiological effects of low level electrical stimulation on short term recovery from supra maximal exercise bouts : a case studyMalone, JohnCoughlan, GarrettCrowe, LouisCaulfield, Brian
Apr-2010A pilot investigation into the effects of electrical muscle stimulation training on physical fitness in an adult cystic fibrosis populationHolcroft, LornaCoughlan, GarrettCrowe, LouisCaulfield, BrianNicholson, T.Barry, P.Gallagher, C. G.
Apr-2010A pilot investigation into the effects of electrical muscle stimulation training on physical fitness in an adult cystic fibrosis populationHolcroft, LornaCoughlan, GarrettCaulfield, BrianCrowe, LouisBarry, P.Nicholson, T.Gallagher, C. G.
Jun-2014Postural control strategies during single limb stance following acute lateral ankle sprainDoherty, CailbheBleakley, Chris J.Hertel, JayCaulfield, BrianRyan, JohnDelahunt, Eamonn
2-Oct-2015Proposed Design Approach for Interactive Feedback Technology Supports in RehabilitationGiggins, Oonagh M.Caulfield, Brian