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Jan-2018Accounting for transaction costs in planning policy evaluationShahab, SinaClinch, J. PeterO'Neill, Eoin
29-Apr-2020Acting Now While Preparing for Tomorrow: Competitiveness upgrading under the shadow of COVID-19Clinch, J. PeterKetels, Christian
Nov-2001Cost-benefit analysis of a resource and environmental survey of IrelandBullock, CraigClinch, J. Peter
2006Cost-benefit analysis of Irish forest policyClinch, J. Peter
Nov-2020Enabling a just transition: A composite indicator for assessing home-heating energy-poverty risk and the impact of environmental policy measuresKelly, J. AndrewClinch, J. PeterKelleher, LukeShahab, Sina
Jun-2006Environmental amenities and subjective well-being : testing the validity of hedonic pricingBrereton, FinbarrClinch, J. PeterFerreira, S. (Susana)
Mar-2002Environmental and wider economic implications of modifications to environmental tax reformClinch, J. PeterDunne, Louise
1-Mar-2019Impact-based planning evaluation: Advancing normative criteria for policy analysisShahab, SinaClinch, J. PeterO'Neill, Eoin
Aug-1998Modelling winners and losers in contingent valuation of public goods : appropriate welfare measures and econometric analysis.Clinch, J. PeterMurphy, Anthony
2003The perception and attitude of business to the environmental tax reform : an Irish case-studyDunne, LouiseClinch, J. Peter
Jul-2005Quality of life and location-specific amenities : a subjective well-being approachBrereton, FinbarrClinch, J. PeterFerreira, S. (Susana)
2008Quality of life and the environment : final reportClinch, J. PeterBrereton, FinbarrBullock, CraigO'Neill, EoinRussell, Paula
Jul-2006A spatial econometric analysis of well-being using a geographical information systems approachBrereton, FinbarrClinch, J. PeterFerreira, S. (Susana)
Dec-2001A theory of the impediments to environmental tax reformClinch, J. PeterDunne, Louise
May-2018Timing and Distributional Aspects of Transaction Costs in Transferable Development Rights ProgrammesShahab, SinaClinch, J. PeterO'Neill, Eoin
2006Understanding and measuring quality of life in Ireland : sustainability, happiness and well-beingClinch, J. PeterFerreira, S. (Susana)Brereton, FinbarrMoro, MirkoBullock, Craig
May-2006Valuing the environment using the life-satisfaction approachFerreira, S. (Susana)Moro, MirkoClinch, J. Peter
1-Jul-2019‘You Don’t Miss the Water ’til the Well Runs Dry’: Factors Influencing the Failure of Domestic Water Charges in IrelandClinch, J. PeterPender, Anne