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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2012Assessing the Impact of Pollen-mediated Gene Flow from GM Herbicide Tolerant Brassica Napus into Common Wild Relatives in IrelandCollier, MarcusMullins, Ewen
Jun-2007Book reviews: Drafting a Conservation Blueprint: A Practitioners Guide to Planning for Biodiversity. Craig R. GrovesCollier, Marcus
5-Jul-2010The CINMa index: assessing the potential impact of GM crop management across a heterogeneous landscapeCollier, MarcusMullins, Ewen
Jul-2009Conflicting rationalities, knowledge and values in scarred landscapesCollier, MarcusScott, Mark J.
Sep-2003Developing a field boundary evaluation and grading system in IrelandCollier, MarcusFeehan, John
30-Jan-2005Developing a field boundary evaluation and grading system in IrelandCollier, MarcusFeehan, John
24-Jun-2015Developing green infrastructure ‘thinking’: devising and applying an interactive group-based methodology for practitionersLennon, MickScott, Mark J.Collier, MarcusFoley, Karen
Jan-2004Dublin City Environmental Directory 2004Collier, MarcusDublin City Community Forum. Environmental Focus Group
30-Jan-2005An Ecological Evaluation of Field Boundary Stone Walls in IrelandCollier, Marcus
16-Sep-2016The emergence of green infrastructure as promoting the centralisation of a landscape perspective in spatial planning - the case of IrelandLennon, MickScott, Mark J.Collier, MarcusFoley, Karen
Jul-2007The Environmental Impact of Planting Broadleaved Trees on Acid-Sensitive Soils : literature reviewCollier, MarcusFarrell, E. P.
Jun-2011Evaluating the Ecological Impacts of Cultivating Genetically Modified Herbicide Tolerant (GMHT) Oilseed Rape and Maize: (2007-B-DS-1-S1) STRIVE ReportMullins, EwenCollier, Marcus
Jul-2005Farmland birds and the field boundary evaluation and grading system in IrelandMcMahon, Barry J.Whelan, JohnKirwan, LauraCollier, Marcus
2013Field boundary stone walls as exemplars of 'novel' ecosystemsCollier, Marcus
Apr-2010Focus group discourses in a mined landscapeCollier, MarcusScott, Mark J.
13-Jun-2008The future of Burns Bog, Canada: stakeholder participation or habitat decline?Collier, MarcusOlson, Eliza
19-Jul-2013Green Walls for Clean AirGölsdorf, KatrinMüller, HansCollier, Marcus
Sep-2011Incorporating socio-economic factors into restoration: implications from industrially harvested peatlandsCollier, Marcus
Aug-2008Industrially harvested peatlands and after-use potential: Understanding local stakeholder narratives and landscape preferencesCollier, MarcusScott, Mark J.
Oct-2015Novel ecosystems and social-ecological resilienceCollier, Marcus