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Apr-2009Abatement and allocation in the pilot phase of the EU ETSAnderson, BarryDi Maria, CorradoConvery, Frank J.
2003Allocating allowances in greenhouse gas emissions tradingBohm, PeterConvery, Frank J.
2003Assessing the European Union emissions trading directiveDunne, LouiseConvery, Frank J.Redmond, LukeRyan, L. (Lisa B.)
7-Sep-2009Commission on Taxation report 2009Daly, FrankArnold, TomBurke, JulieCollins, MicheálConvery, Frank J.Donohue, TomFahy, EoinHunt, ColinLeech, SineadLucey, ConMcCoy, DannyO'Rourke, FeargalO'Sullivan, MaryRedmond, MarkSoffe, WillieWalsh, MaryIreland. Commission on Taxation
May-2006Effectiveness of fiscal and other measures to manage greenhouse gas emissions from the automobile sector : evidence from EuropeRyan, L. (Lisa B.)Ferreira, S. (Susana)Convery, Frank J.
2000Environmental indicators for the urban environment : a literature reviewPender, AnneDunne, LouiseConvery, Frank J.
Apr-2004Greenhouse gas abatement costs and market based instrumentsDunne, LouiseConvery, Frank J.
2006Impact of bus priority attributes on catchment area residents in Dublin, IrelandMcDonnell, SimonFerreira, S. (Susana)Convery, Frank J.
2003Institutional requirementsEgenhofer, ChristianFujiwara, Noriko
2003Issues in emissions trading : an introductionConvery, Frank J.
Oct-2012Peatlands, their public good value and priorities for their future management - the example of IrelandBullock, CraigCollier, MarcusConvery, Frank J.
2003Political economy of tradable permits - competitiveness, co-operation and market powerDunne, LouiseConvery, Frank J.Ryan, L. (Lisa B.)Redmond, Luke
Nov-2005Public attitudes towards solid waste landfill infrastructure : changes in perception over space and timeGallagher, LouiseFerreira, S. (Susana)Convery, Frank J.
Dec-2004Stimulating the use of biofuels in the European Union : implications for climate change policyRyan, L. (Lisa B.)Convery, Frank J.Ferreira, S. (Susana)
Apr-2009Transaction costs of firms in the EU ETSJaraite, JurateConvery, Frank J.Di Maria, Corrado
2006Understanding the use of policy instruments for greenhouse gas management in EuropeConvery, Frank J.Ferreira, S. (Susana)Redmond, LukeRyan, L. (Lisa B.)Yamamoto, Yoshika
2007The use and regulation of environmental claims as a means for promoting sustainable consumption in Ireland : final reportDunne, LouiseConvery, Frank J.Pender, Anne