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Oct-2012Altered endometrial immune gene expression in beef heifers with retarded embryosBeltman, Marijke EileenForde, NiamhLonergan, PatrickCrowe, Mark
1-Feb-2011Changes in the endometrial transcriptome during the bovine estrous cycle: effect of low circulating progesterone and consequences for conceptus elongationForde, NiamhBeltman, Marijke EileenDuffy, G. B.Duffy, P.Mehta, J. P.Ó'Gaora, P.Roche, J. F.Lonergan, PatrickCrowe, Mark
Jul-2010Characterisation of endometrial gene expression and metabolic parameters in beef heifers yielding viable or non-viable embryos on Day 7 after inseminationBeltman, Marijke EileenForde, NiamhFurney, P.Carter, F.Roche, J. F.Lonergan, PatrickCrowe, Mark
15-Apr-2009Effect of progesterone supplementation in the first week post conception on embryo survival in beef heifersBeltman, Marijke EileenLonergan, PatrickDiskin, M. G.Roche, J. F.Crowe, Mark
15-Oct-2009Evaluation of models to induce low progesterone during the early luteal phase in cattleBeltman, Marijke EileenRoche, J. F.Lonergan, PatrickForde, NiamhCrowe, Mark
Jan-2014Global proteomic characterization of uterine histotroph recovered from beef heifers yielding good quality and degenerate day 7 embryosBeltman, Marijke EileenMullen, M. P.Elia, G.Hilliard, M.Diskin, M. G.Evans, A. C.Crowe, Mark
Oct-2014Hormonal composition of follicular fluid from abnormal follicular structures in maresBeltman, Marijke EileenWalsh, S. W.Canty, Mary J.Duffy, P.Crowe, Mark