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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-2018Figured Out: Making frequency distributions tangibleCuffe, Paul
28-Aug-2018Figured Out: Playing fair with time series dataCuffe, Paul
12-Apr-2018Flexible mobility in the smart city: the role of small personal electric vehiclesCuffe, Paul
6-Mar-2017For Power Systems, Geography Doesn't Matter, But Electrical Structure DoesCuffe, PaulSáiz Marín, ElenaKeane, Andrew
Jul-2010Ireland's approach for the connection of large amounts of renewable generationSmith, PaulCuffe, PaulGrimes, SimonHearne, Tony
8-Apr-2016Novel Quality Metrics for Power System DiagramsCuffe, PaulKeane, Andrew
Sep-2013Reactive Power From Distributed Generators : Characterisation and Utilisation of the ResourceCuffe, Paul
17-Oct-2019Removing Spinning Motion from Spherical Video Using a Rotationally Invariant Feature ExtractorSlevin, MattCuffe, Paul
May-2018The role of the ERC-20 token standard in a financial revolution: the case of Initial Coin OfferingsCuffe, Paul
31-Aug-2018Seam carving for content-aware wide-angle projection of panoramic photographyCoughlan, DarrenCuffe, Paul
22-Jul-2019A Topological Sorting Approach to Identify Coherent Cut-sets within Power GridsBeiranvand, ArashCuffe, Paul
Jul-2012Transient stability impacts from distribution connected wind farmsVittal, EknathCuffe, PaulKeane, Andrew
Oct-2012Transmission System Impact of Wind Energy Harvesting NetworksCuffe, PaulSmith, PaulKeane, Andrew
Nov-2012Unit Commitment Considering Regional Synchronous Reactive Power Requirements : Costs and EffectsCuffe, PaulLannoye, EamonnKeane, AndrewTuohy, Aidan
Jan-2018Validating Two Novel Equivalent Impedance EstimatorsCuffe, PaulMilano, Federico
Sep-2017Visualizing the Electrical Structure of Power SystemsCuffe, PaulKeane, Andrew
28-May-2016Visualizing voltage relationships using the unity row summation and real valued properties of the FLG matrixDassios, Ioannis K.Cuffe, PaulKeane, Andrew
13-Aug-2018A Voltage Control Scheme for Generation-Dominated Networks to Maximize Power ExportCuffe, PaulOchoa, Luis F.
Sep-2015Voltage Responsive Distribution Networks: Comparing Autonomous and Centralized SolutionsCuffe, PaulKeane, Andrew