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Jan-2012ELM--the database of eukaryotic linear motifsDinkel, HolgerMichael, SushamaWeatheritt, Robert J.Davey, Norman E.Van Roey, KimAltenberg, BrigitteToedt, GrischaUyar, BoraSeiler, MarkusBudd, AidanJödicke, LisaDammert, Marcel A.Schroeter, ChristianHammer, MariaSchmidt, TobiasJehl, PeterMcGuigan, CarolineDymecka, MagdalenaChica, ClaudiaLuck, KatjaVia, AllegraChatr-aryamontri, AndrewHaslam, Niall J.Grebnev, GlebEdwards, Richard J.Steinmetz, Michel O.Meiselbach, HeikeDiella, FrancescaGibson, Toby J.
30-Jun-2011In Silico Protein Motif Discovery and Structural AnalysisMooney, CatherineDavey, Norman E.Martin, Alberto J. M.Walsh, IanShields, Denis C.Pollastri, Gianluca
19-Apr-2013Marked Variability in the Extent of Protein Disorder within and between Viral FamiliesPushker, RavindraMooney, CatherineDavey, Norman E.Jacqué, Jean-MarcShields, Denis C.
2-Dec-2016Peptigram: a web-based application for peptidomics data visualizationManguy, JeanJehl, PeterDillon, Eugène T.Davey, Norman E.Shields, Denis C.Holton, Thérèse A.
4-Sep-2012Protein disorder and short conserved motifs in disordered regions are enriched near the cytoplasmic side of single-pass transmembrane proteinsStavropoulos, IliasKhaldi, NoraDavey, Norman E.O'Brien, KevinMartin, FinianShields, Denis C.
Jul-2010SLiMFinder : a web server to find novel, significantly over-represented, short protein motifsDavey, Norman E.Haslam, Niall J.Shields, Denis C.Edwards, Richard J.
26-May-2011SLiMSearch 2.0 : biological context for short linear motifs in proteinsDavey, Norman E.Haslam, Niall J.Shields, Denis C.Edwards, Richard J.
2010SLiMSearch : a webserver for finding novel occurrences of short linear motifs in proteins, incorporating sequence contextDavey, Norman E.Haslam, Niall J.Shields, Denis C.Edwards, Richard J.