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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2019OK Computer: The Creation and Integration of AI in EuropeBuarque, Bernardo S.Davies, Ronald B.Kogler, Dieter FranzHynes, Ryan M.
22-Oct-2009Optimal tariffs, tariff jumping, and heterogeneous firmsCole, Matthew T.Davies, Ronald B.
21-Apr-2021Patent Boxes and the Success Rate of ApplicationsDavies, Ronald B.Hynes, Ryan M.Kogler, Dieter Franz
16-Feb-2022Pennies from Haven: Wages and Profit ShiftingAlstadsæter, AnnetteBrun Bjørkheim, JulieDavies, Ronald B.Scheuerer, Johannes
Nov-2011A race to the bottom in labour standards? An empirical investigationDavies, Ronald B.Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya
20-Sep-2021Regional Knowledge Spaces: The Interplay of Entry-Relatedness and Entry-Potential for Technological Change and GrowthKogler, Dieter F.Davies, Ronald B.Lee, ChangjunKim, Keungoui
Jul-2010Royale with cheese : the effect of globalization on the variety of goodsCole, Matthew T.Davies, Ronald B.
May-2010The silver lining of red tapeDavies, Ronald B.
15-Feb-2020The Structure of Multinational Firms' International ActivitiesDavies, Ronald B.Markusen, James R.
Sep-2013Tariff-induced transfer pricing and the CCCTBDavies, Ronald B.
5-Apr-2010Tariffs Versus VAT in the presence of heterogeneous firms and an informal sectorDavies, Ronald B.Paz, Lourenço
Nov-2008Tax competition in an expanding European UnionDavies, Ronald B.Voget, Johannes