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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-May-2022Academic Advising in Civil Engineering: design and evaluation of a hybrid modelKeenahan, JenniferCasero, MiguelCotterill, SarahO'Loughlin, FiachraO'Sullivan, J. J.Donohue, ShaneMcCrum, DanielGonzález, ArturoCarroll, PáraicPurcell, Patrick J.
2-Sep-2021The Application of Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Shallow Marine Investigations – an Intertidal Case StudyTrafford, AndrewDonohue, ShaneEllwood, R.Godfrey, A.Wacquier, Loris
Jun-2008Assessment of an MASW technique incorporating discrete particle modellingDonohue, ShaneLong, Michael (Michael M.)
1-Nov-2010Assessment of sample quality in soft clay using shear wave velocity and suction measurementsDonohue, ShaneLong, Michael (Michael M.)
14-Oct-2019Assessment of Skempton's pore water pressure parameters B and A using a high-capacity tensiometerSanlon, PhilipSivakumar, VinayagamoothySolan, BrianDonohue, Shaneet al.
Sep-2009Assessment of ultrasonic signals to determine the early age properties of concretes incorporating secondary cementitious materialsO'Connell, M.McNally, CiaranDonohue, ShaneBonal, JulienRichardson, Mark G.
Jul-2010Characterisation of Norwegian marine clays with combined shear wave velocity and CPTU dataLong, Michael (Michael M.)Donohue, Shane
12-Jun-2018A comparison of small strain stiffness in till as measured by seismic refraction and barometric loading responseKelly (Harley), R.M.G.Bergamo, P.Hughes, D.A.B.Donohue, Shaneet al.
9-Feb-2010Engineering characterisation of Norwegian glaciomarine siltLong, Michael (Michael M.)Gudjonsson, GisliDonohue, ShaneHagberg, Knut
Dec-2008Examination of a novel wavelet based approach for bender element testingBonal, JulienDonohue, ShaneMcNally, Ciaran
20-Aug-2020Hydrogeological and geophysical properties of the very-slow-moving Ripley Landslide, Thompson River valley, British ColumbiaHuntley, DavidHolmes, JessicaBobrowsky, PeterDonohue, Shaneet al.
May-2007In situ shear wave velocity from multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) tests at eight Norwegian research sitesLong, Michael (Michael M.)Donohue, Shane
1-Jun-2012Multi-method geophysical mapping of quick clayDonohue, ShaneLong, Michael (Michael M.)O'Connor, Peteret al.
6-Jan-2009Particle breakage during cyclic triaxial loading of a carbonate sandDonohue, ShaneO'Sullivan, CatherineLong, Michael (Michael M.)
Nov-2008Rapid, cost effective and accurate determination of in situ stiffness using MASW at BothkennarLong, Michael (Michael M.)Donohue, ShaneO'Connor, Peter
Oct-2012Relationship between electrical resistivity and basic geotechnical parameters for marine claysLong, Michael (Michael M.)Donohue, ShaneL'Heureux, Jean-Sebastienet al.Lecomte, Isabelle
1-Oct-2012Retaining wall behaviour in Dublin's fluvio-glacial gravel, IrelandLong, Michael (Michael M.)Daynes, PhilipDonohue, ShaneLooby, Michael
20-Aug-2020Sample disturbances due to removal of confining pressure in laminated clayMoore, LauraPandey, PratikshaSivakumar, VinayagamoothyDonohue, Shaneet al.
2009Suction Measurements as Indicators of Sample Quality in Soft ClayDonohue, ShaneLong, Michael (Michael M.)
1-Sep-2021Time-Lapse Monitoring of Moisture Induced Landslide Using Surface Waves at Hollin Hill Landslide ObsevatoryWacquier, LorisWhiteley, J.Gunn, D.Trafford, AndrewDonohue, Shaneet al.