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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010Mind the gap : national and local partnership in the Irish public sectorDoherty, MichaelErne, Roland
23-Oct-2013National unionism and union democracy in crisisErne, Roland
Jul-2019The New Economic Governance in Health Care: A Labour PerspectiveStan, SabinaErne, Roland
19-Jun-2019A new methodology for analysing NEG prescriptions on healthcare. From counting CSRs to mapping semantic fieldsStan, SabinaErne, Roland
Jan-2007New structures, forms and processes of governance in European industrial relationsLéonard, ÉvelyneErne, RolandSmismans, StijnMarginson, Paul
2002Obligatorisches Referendum, Plebiszit und Volksbegehren - drei Typen direkter Demokratie im europäischen VergleichErne, Roland
Jun-2004Organised labour - an actor of Euro-democratisation, Euro-technocracy or (re-) nationalisation? Trade-union strategies concerning the European integration processErne, Roland
Jan-2002Plebiszit, Referendum und Volksbegehren. Drei Typen direkter Demokratie im europäischen VergleichErne, Roland
5-Mar-2018A Primordial Attachment to the Nation? French and Irish Workers and Trade Unions in Past EU Referendum DebatesBéthoux, ÉlodieErne, RolandGolden, Darragh
18-Dec-2020Social Movements or State Apparatus?Erne, Roland
23-Feb-2017Strong Ties between Independant OrganizationsErne, RolandSchief, Sebastian
Aug-2015A supranational regime that nationalizes social conflict. Explaining European trade unions difficulties in politicizing European economic governanceErne, Roland
6-Apr-2020There is little evidence the EU’s post-crisis economic governance regime has moved in a more ‘social’ directionJordan, JamieMaccarrone, VincenzoErne, Roland
1-Aug-2021Time for a paradigm change? Incorporating transnational processes into the analysis of the emerging European health-care systemStan, SabinaErne, Roland
Mar-2021Towards a Socialisation of the EU’s New Economic Governance Regime? EU labour policy interventions in Germany, Italy, Ireland and Romania (2009-2019)Jordan, JamieMaccarrone, VincenzoErne, Roland
Nov-2020Towards an Integrated European Healthcare Space?Stan, SabinaErne, Roland
1-Feb-2017Training programmes for European works councillors in Germany, in Ireland and at EU level: Transnational trade union action through education?Föhrer, BiancaErne, Roland
Dec-2020Transnational Competence: A Transformative Tool? A Comparison of German and Irish Political Trade Union Education ProgramsFöhrer, BiancaErne, RolandFinlay, Graham
Oct-2014Transnational Solidarity? The European Working Class in the Eurozone CrisisBieler, AndreasErne, Roland
Jul-1995Transnationale Demokratie. Impulse für ein demokratisch verfasstes Europa