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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2020Capital, Conversion, and Settler Colonialism in Samuel Butler’s ErewhonFermanis, Porscha
3-Apr-2012Countering the Counter-Factual: Joanne Baillie’s Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters (1821) and the Paratexts of HistoryFermanis, Porscha
1-Jan-2007Culture, Counter-culture, and the Subversion of the Comic in Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's CourtFermanis, Porscha
19-Aug-2019Early Public Libraries and Colonial Citizenship in the British Southern HemisphereAtkin, LaraComyn, SarahFermanis, PorschaGarvey, Nathan
Jul-2017The Enlightenment and HistoryFermanis, Porscha
27-Nov-2014IntroductionFermanis, PorschaRegan, J. (John)
22-Jun-2021Introduction: southern worlds, globes, and spheresFermanis, PorschaComyn, Sarah
2015Not fit to be mentioned: legal ghosts and displaced narratives in the Northanger 'Horrid' novelsMangan, Christine
15-Dec-2021Queering the Imperial Romance: Settler Colonialism, Heteronormativity, and Interracial Intimacy in Sygurd Wiśniowski’s TikeraFermanis, Porscha
20-Jan-2021Rethinking nineteenth-century literary culture: British worlds, southern latitudes and hemispheric methodsComyn, SarahFermanis, Porscha
Dec-2011Review of April London's 'Literary History Writing, 1770-1820'Fermanis, Porscha
Jun-2011Review of Robert White's "Keats: A Literary Life"Fermanis, Porscha
Oct-2009Review of the Edinburgh Edition of Walter Scott's 'Peveril of the Peak'Fermanis, Porscha
6-Jul-2021'Some Genuine Chinese Authors': literary appreciation, comparatism, and universalism in the Straits Chinese MagazineFermanis, Porscha
24-Jan-2009The ultimate romanticFermanis, Porscha
1-Apr-2010William Godwin’s History of the Commonwealth and the Psychology of Individual HistoryFermanis, Porscha
Jul-2021Word and Picture in Walter ScottFermanis, Porscha