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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2019Adaptive Incremental Mixture Markov chain Monte CarloMarie, FlorianFriel, NialMira, AntoniettaRaftery, Adrian E.
2018Adaptive MCMC for multiple changepoint analysis with applications to large datasetsBenson, AlanFriel, Nial
Jul-2016Bayesian exponential random graph models with nodal random effectsThiemichen, S.Friel, NialCaimo, AlbertoKauermann, G.
Sep-2021Bayesian Inference, Model Selection and Likelihood Estimation using Fast Rejection Sampling: The Conway-Maxwell-Poisson DistributionBenson, AlanFriel, Nial
11-Jun-2018Bayesian Model Selection for Exponential Random Graph Models via Adjusted PseudolikelihoodsBouranis, LamprosFriel, NialMaire, Florian
Mar-2017Bayesian model selection for the latent position cluster model for Social NetworksFriel, NialRyan, CatrionaWyse, Jason
15-Apr-2020Bayesian variational inference for exponential random graph modelsTan, Linda S. L.Friel, Nial
24-Oct-2014Bergm: Bayesian Exponential Random Graphs in RCaimo, AlbertoFriel, Nial
12-May-2015Calibration of conditional composite likelihood for Bayesian inference on Gibbs random fieldsFriel, NialStoer, Julien
Aug-2015Choosing the number of clusters in a finite mixture model using an exact integrated completed likelihood criterionBertoletti, MarcoFriel, NialRastelli, Riccardo
15-Nov-2018Choosing the number of groups in a latent stochastic block model for dynamic networksRastelli, RiccardoLatouche, PierreFriel, Nial
2010Classification using distance nearest neighboursFriel, NialPettitt, Anthony
2010Deterministic Bayesian inference for the p* modelAustad, HaakonFriel, Nial
Jul-2017Efficient Bayesian inference for exponential random graph models by correcting the pseudo-posterior distributionBouranis, LamprosFriel, NialMaire, Florian
31-May-2018Efficient MCMC for Gibbs Random Fields using pre-computationBoland, AidanFriel, NialMarie, Florian
3-Feb-2015Efficient model selection for probabilistic K nearest neighbour classificationWon Yoon, JiFriel, Nial
12-Jun-2015Evaluating Squat Performance with a Single Inertial Measurement UnitO'Reilly, MartinWhelan, DarraghChanialidis, CharalamposFriel, NialDelahunt, EamonnWard, TomásCaulfield, Brian
2015Exploiting Multi-Core Architectures for Reduced-Variance Estimation with Intractable LikelihoodsFriel, NialMira, AntoniettaOates, Chris J.
Apr-2014A generalized multiple-try version of the Reversible Jump algorithmPandolfi, SliviaBartolucci, FrancescoFriel, Nial
1-Feb-2017Inferring structure in bipartite networks using the latent block model and exact ICLWyse, JasonFriel, NialLatouche, Pierre