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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2007Adding Value to International Business Education: An Irish-American Road Map to Service LearningSalimbene, Franklyn P.Geiger, Susi
30-Nov-2021Analysis of the institutional landscape and proliferation of proposals for global vaccine equity for COVID-19: too many cooks or too many recipes?Geiger, SusiMcMahon, Aisling
2011Buyer-Seller Interactions in Mature Industrial Markets: Blurring the Relational-Transactional Selling DichotomyGeiger, SusiFinch, John
2010Buying into motherhood? Problematic consumption and ambivalence in transitional phasesVOICE GroupDavies, AndreaDobscha, SusanGeiger, SusiProthero, Andreaet al.
Aug-2011Constructing and Contesting Markets through the Market ObjectFinch, JohnGeiger, Susi
2017Does hype create irreversibilities? Affective circulation and market investments in digital healthGeiger, SusiGross, Nicole
13-Aug-2018Duos and Duels in Field Evolution: How Governments and Interorganizational Networks RelateMountford, NicolaGeiger, Susi
2015Emotional Timescapes: The Temporal Perspective and Consumption Emotions in ServicesMaguire, LouiseGeiger, Susi
Jan-2007Exploring night-time grocery shopping behaviourGeiger, Susi
Jun-2006Exploring salesperson learning in the client relationship nexusTurley, DarachGeiger, Susi
2003Grounded theory in sales research: an investigation of salespeoples' client relationshipsGeiger, SusiTurley, Darach
Oct-2021Healthcare Activism, Marketization, and the Collective GoodGeiger, Susi
Sep-2009Industrial Sales People as Market ActorsGeiger, SusiFinch, John
Aug-2015Interpersonal influence strategies in complex B2B sales and the socio-cognitive construction of relationship valueHohenschwert, LenaGeiger, Susi
Jul-2016Making incremental innovation tradable in industrial service settingsGeiger, SusiFinch, John
Oct-2013Managing in Conflict: How Actors Distribute Conflict in an Industrial NetworkFinch, JohnZhang, ShimingGeiger, Susi
19-Aug-2017Market failures and market framings: Can a market be transformed from the inside?Geiger, SusiGross, Nicole
1-Jan-2021Market mash ups: The process of combinatorial market innovationGeiger, SusiKjellberg, Hans
11-Jul-2016Marketing and compromising for sustainability: Competing orders of worth in the North AtlanticFinch, JohnGeiger, SusiHarkness, Rachel Joy
Sep-2005Personal selling as knowledge-based activity: communities of practice in salesGeiger, SusiTurley, Darach