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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Mar-2012A high rate tension device for characterizing brain tissueRashid, BadarDestrade, MichelGilchrist, M. D.
2009An in-depth analysis of real world fall accidents involving brain traumaGilchrist, M. D.Doorly, Mary C.
15-Dec-2001In-situ Accelerated Testing of Bituminous MixturesHartman, Anton M.Gilchrist, M. D.Owende, Philipet al.
Mar-2014The influence of acceleration loading curve characteristics on traumatic brain injuryPost, AndrewHoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. al.
Aug-2004Influence of FE model variability in predicting brain motion and intracranial pressure changes in head impact simulationsHorgan, T. J.Gilchrist, M. D.
2012The influence of impact angle on the dynamic response of a Hybrid III headform and brain tissue deformationOeur, AnnaHoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
12-Mar-2014The Influence of Impact Angle on the Dynamic Response of a Hybrid III Headform and Brain Tissue DeformationOeur, AnnaHoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
17-Mar-2014The Influence of Impactor Mass on the Dynamic Response of the Hybrid III Headform and Brain Tissue DeformationKarton, Clara M.Hoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
Apr-2013Influence of preservation temperature on the measured mechanical properties of brain tissueRashid, BadarDestrade, MichelGilchrist, M. D.
Oct-2006The influence of recycled asphalt pavement on 20mm binder course mix performanceTabakovic, AmirGibney, AmandaGilchrist, M. D.McNally, Ciaran
Jun-2010The influence of recycled asphalt pavement on the fatigue performance of asphalt concrete base coursesTabakovic, AmirGibney, AmandaMcNally, CiaranGilchrist, M. D.
Nov-2012Inhomogeneous deformation of brain tissue during tension testsRashid, BadarDestrade, MichelGilchrist, M. D.
2011Innovations in Undergraduate Engineering Mechanics Education : Use of Team-Based Research-Led Project Methods for Large Student CohortsForero Rueda, Manuel A.Gilchrist, M. D.
1-Oct-1998Interlaminar Fracture of Commingled GF/PET Composite LaminatesSvensson, N.Shishoo, R.Gilchrist, M. D.
15-Sep-2005An Investigation into Scalpel Blade Sharpness Using Cutting Experiments and Finite Element AnalysisMcCarthy, Conor T.Hussey, M.Gilchrist, M. D.
2010Linear Viscoelastic Properties of Cerbral Cortex at Thresholds for Axonal DamageRashid, BadarGilchrist, M. D.Destrade, Michel
1999Manufacturing & design with engineering polymers: Educational aspects of a specialist dissertation in a part-time elective postgraduate mechanical engineering degree course for industry-based studentsGilchrist, M. D.
Jan-1999Manufacturing and ultimate mechanical performance of carbon fibre-reinforced epoxy composite suspension push-rods for a Formula 1 racing carGilchrist, M. D.Curley, Luke J.
10-Aug-2015Manufacturing microstructured tool inserts for the production of polymeric microfluidic devicesZhang, NanSrivastava, Amit P.Kirwan, BrendanByrne, RichardFang, FengzhouBrowne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
May-2008Measuring knife stab penetration into skin simulant using a novel biaxial tension deviceGilchrist, M. D.Keenan, S.Curtis, Michaelet al.